Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Guess Who's Coming to National Clubs?

Hint: It starts with a "J" and ends in "A Pan".

That's right!

Word is that a Japanese delegation will be headed to Oz again to take on senior and junior WAG teams at the National Clubs championships, our first big event after Worlds, which this year will incorporate an international team 'duel' component. This competition will be very significant in regard to future national squad and international team selections.

Konichiwa, visitors!


You might also be interested to know that the senior and junior WAG profile pages at the GA website have been updated with new pictures!


Anonymous said...

The new Senior and Junior athelet listing are up on GA's website - they have updated the Athlete information page but nor the Gymsports/Athlete profiles page. I heard that they had also updated the GA/AIS squad but that is not listed so i'm not sure

Mez said...

Pretty new profile pics are up! It's so nice to put names to faces!

Nic said...

hey mez,
do you know, if the comp will be held in melb or perth?

Anonymous said...

It's in Canberra (where nobody lives! unfortunately)

Although I guess Melbourne and Sydney people can drive there or get super cheap airfares.