Saturday, August 22, 2009

Trial Scores and Standings

All-around (both days combined):
1. Lauren Mitchell 111.975
2. Georgia Bonora 107.625
3. Emma Dennis 105.650
4. Shona Morgan 105.525
5. Britt Greeley 101.325
6. Fiona Coley 98.475
7. Emily Little 89.900
Larrissa only did bars. Amber only did beam.

Lauren: 5.8 vault (double-twisting Yurchenko). Her execution score was listed as 18.125, which gives her a 9+ execution average.
Shona / Britt: 5.30 vault (1.5-twisting Yurchenko)
Georgia / Emma: 5.00 vault (full-twisting Yurchenko).

Lauren's beam DV: 6.20 on Day 1, 6.60 on Day 2. Not the 7.00 routine Peggy projected.
Georgia's beam DV: 5.60. She posted the highest beam score on one day, and came fifth on the apparatus on the other day.
Shona's beam DV: 5.50
Britt's beam DV: 5.40

Georgia received the highest execution score on bars: 8.60, a few tenths higher than Larrissa. Unfortunately she only had a 5.30 DV.

No word on floor scores, except that Lauren was the most outstanding.

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Anonymous said...

Lauren had a 6.9 BB routine at nationals when she hit all her connections, so she either missed a few or has removed the ones that weren't working for her. A D score in the low to mid 6s is considered very good for BB this year so she's still very competitive with a 6.6

Hopefully all the girls still have some more difficulty to add in. By the looks of things atm the team isn't reallt threatning in any even or in the AA.

Anonymous said...

Lauren was a pretty clear winner. I think she is probably the only Australian who can make an apparatus final.

I am just curious about Shona, I thought she has had no major setbacks since Bejing yet she seems to be struggling. She did so well last year and I thought she might continue to improve. Has something happended to her that we haven't heard about? Georgia had surgery on both ankles late last and it appears as though she is in much better shape than Shona.

nade00 said...

Hopefully Georgia will have her Y1.5 back by worlds. They still have 5 weeks and another training camp to go. I would love to see her compete AA, it seems she has earned it.

If Lauren competes and hits her 6.6/6.9 BB, then she will be very well placed for the AA, possibly even top 5. Bridget Sloan won US nationals with A-scores of, IIRC, 5.8, 5.6, 5.7, 5.8. Lauren will have somewhere around 5.8, 5.5, 6.9, 5.7. She just needs to work on her execution a little between now and then.

I think Shona was always going to struggle a little more this year since they began hammering execution. Truthfully she is not quite as clean as Aussie girls usually are.

Now under the new code you have to have 5 acro and 3 dance on beam/floor, and it seemed to me at Vics and Nationals that she was finding it hard to include high level dance skills for her DV without incurring lots of deductions.

However, I do see what you are saying. She hasn't quite had the same ease of movement or high level of difficulty this year either.

Anonymous said...

surprised that emily averaged under 45 for each day of all around. That is only 11.2 for each event. she seems to be regressing a bit at the moment unfortunately. I hope they don't send her to japan if she is not in peak condition, it could do more harm than good.

Anonymous said...

did emily compete all events though? does anyone know?

Anonymous said...

I am wondering about Shona's intentions as well since she has been taken off the VIS scholarship holders list after she was initially named. She has been replaced by Rachel Collister who was not initially named.

The HPC site says Ashleigh Brennan has accepted a VIS athlete agreement - whatever that is.

Anonymous said...

emily wasn't trialling for worlds - her coach, Nikolai just wanted her to do a verifitcation to show peggy how she is going.
The vis athlete agreement pretty much means that she is allowed to go and train at vis

Anonymous said...

Shona turned down Japan for school, Perhaps she is under a bit of pressure and something has to give a bit. It would make sense that Gymnastics takes a bit of a back seat this year. Being ill around nationals can't have helped her progress either.

Anonymous said...

Shona might not be at quite the same level she was at last year, but she has at least stuck around and is still competetive.
Not many people can keep up the highest standards after an olympic year, Lauren is doing an exceptional job -very inspiring.
Georgia did not compete at full dificulty, so hopefully she will have something more to add before Worlds comes around.

Anonymous said...

god, some of you lot need to back off these gymnasts a bit..they're doing the best they can. It's not like anyone is trying to save the planet-it's bloody gymnastics? Some people out there, 'fans' need to get a life somehow and leave the girls alone to do their best..jeez

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Shona is on the VIS list - i assume the initial list had a typo and it has now been corrected.
I would also assume that Emily is now building her senior routines and so would have some new skils that have not been perfected as yet but will improve - hopefully- over the next couple of months