Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Australia's Next Top Poster Model

Ok. I've got to admit that SOME of the poses are a bit lame and too dark. What did they do, take the athletes outside after evening training had finished and take photos in the carpark!?

Anyway. MyHeroes is making a good effort in promoting the sport if anything (heeheehee... a height chart with Prashanth on it... how ironic).

The dates for the on-demand internet stream of Nationals are listed at GA but you can't subscribe just yet:

Thursday 22nd May - WAG Senior/Junior Team Event (from 7.30pm EST - Thu 22nd May)

Friday 23rd May - WAG Senior/Junior All-Around and Apparatus Finals(from 10.30am EST - Sat 24th May)

Sunday 25th May - MAG/WAG National Apparatus Challenge(from 7.30pm EST - Sun 25th May)

The WAG National Squad profile page has been updated. Noticeable changes:
1. New addition to the senior rankings is Amber Fulljames.
2. All of the girls (bar Kerby Purcell and Tain Molendijk) are shown in funky new squad tops and tees (thank GOD they've got them looking like a team at last), which all looks very flattering. I think Lauren's braces are off!
3. They've updated competition results for each girl, going up until the recent comps in the USA.

The MAG profile page still looks like a dog's breakfast, with shocking passport photos (and some completely blank spaces) next to athlete names for the whole world to see. Give them a bit of respect, GA. Honestly!

Dasha's latest (and rather poignant) column has been posted up, with a lovely photo of her and the WA team having a ball at the last Nationals. I expect much of the same this year. Those girls know how to set a benchmark.

I'd said this morning that I was yet to find truth to the rumour that Chloe Sims has retired as she is listed there with the WAG squad. Well, apparently she has retired, though details are pending. I'm quite sad for her, seeing as it's so close to the Olympics. I was holding out for an improved and inspiring National Championships from Chloe, but she must have her reasons for her decision. I wish her the best in whatever she pursues.


Asha said...

Unfortunately Chloe has retired. Am awaiting more information so that her website can be updated.

Mez said...

Ok, thankyou for the clarification. This close to the Olympics, it is indeed sad. I wish her the best.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the GA squads, why is emma dennis stll shown as a junior when she is older than kirby?

Anonymous said...

I think its because she was injured in December and did not compete national clubs. Vics was her first senior comp.