Friday, May 16, 2008

If South Park Has Taught Us Anything...

It's that, "ya gotta have a montage (a sports training montaaaaaage!)".

I found this gem of a two-parter on YouTube. It's catchy and VERY well edited. I particularly like the opening 10 seconds of the first part. Kudos to Bethany, the creator.

If you like your nostalgia, prepare to get a big fat helping.

ETA: The Olympic draw for the preliminary round took place yesterday.


Subdivision 1 – China, Romania and two mixed groups
Subdivision 2 –Great Britain, Italy, Japan and the United States
Subdivision 3 – Australia, Germany, Russia and Ukraine
Subdivision 4 – Brazil, France and two mixed groups

Time-wise, the girls will be competing on Sunday August 10th between 5pm and 6:30pm, and they will be starting on floor exercise.

So Australia will once again have a nervous wait as the likes of France and Brazil finish off their qualification round. Hopefully we can fare better than an 8th place scrape into the final. Better yet, I hope they will benefit from the kind of scoring we saw in Stuttgart, where teams who competed later in the day scored just a little bit better than those who went earlier... like us.

You can't help but feel bad for host nation China, though. They're up early to compete in subdivision 1 and they're starting on beam. A nervous situation on all accounts!

ETA (again): More photos from the recent Friendship Classic are up. Have a scroll around to see the two Aussies pictured in action. I reckon the shots are pretty fantastic (well of course they are... they're the delightful Sarah Kirby's handiwork!)


mistysakura said...

Courage, eh? Well, that's better than what Hollie got...

Anonymous said...

I suggested that song for the second part of that montage! :D How good is it!

Ozeflipper said...

You need to mske sure you see the photos all the way to the end of page 10 :-)