Saturday, May 3, 2008

Here's a Nice Distraction...

In all the sound and fury over the 'Sunrise' faff, I neglected to mention one of the best thingsabout May (besides Nationals and making Mum a cuppa on Mother's Day):

Yesterday (May 2) was Dasha Joura's birthday. She turned 18!

Happy belated birthday to the sassiest, classiest lady out on the competition floor. All the best for Beijing and beyond to our intelligent, encouraging, good-humoured and gutsy reigning National Champion. Beijing Team Captain for sure!

Australia (or at least, the bit of it that has bothered to notice and appreciate you) is so proud of you!

I'm going out with mates today to do some shopping, boozing and karaoke (not in that particular order) so I'll have something pink and bubbly at some point as a quiet little symbolic observance of Miss D's special day.

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