Thursday, May 15, 2008

Keep Your Eyes on the Box


I've missed the last two or three (or twelve) seasons of Lost.
I didn't realise Grant Bowler, everyone's favourite reality tv voiceover guy and crewcut-sporting Kiwi is now in it! It's so strange!
Come on. It's Grant Bowler, people. Grant freaking Bowler! I'm half expecting him to reveal Locke as "The Mole" and then frisk him for heroin tablets. Shame they don't have the reliable golden retriever on the show anymore.


In other, more relevant, television news...

From May 31, Channel 7 will be airing a "Road to Beijing" series in the lead-up to the Games. It is to be hosted by sports and lifestyle stalwart Johanna Griggs, and will feature on-location reports from China, as well as profiles on athlete preparation. One assumes gymnastics will at some point play a part.

Will we get another pre-Games emotional story a la Allana's father?
Possibly. My vote is with Georgia B's brother who has just undergone a third bypass surgery on his heart. Not to take away from the seriousness of the whole thing of course. I just hate that when the media is involved (particularly on the commercial networks), an athlete's family situation is so often dragged into talk of their preparations like they need the thing weighing on their minds more than it usually is.

TEAMHURTYWATCH!: This article from a Queensland newspaper examines self-demoted Monique Cowan's decision to return to the sport in a coaching capacity after a prolonged period of injury. Poor thing. Though I don't quite know why they've pictured her in grips next to what we all know is a men's apparatus...

Also reportedly out of Nationals with injury: Tain Molendijk (WAIS Senior), Mary-Anne Mockton (AIS Junior)

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Anonymous said...

Tain is definitely out of Nationals with an ankle injury she and her coaches want to make sure if fully healed before she competes again. She's planning on working on other areas in the meantime.