Friday, May 23, 2008

Nationals - Team Final

Ok. New post.
Let's get going with some results. Who's running this sheep station, anyway!?

2008 National Championships MAG Team Final

Gold: Queensland (335.450)
Silver: New South Wales (315.850)
Bronze: Victoria (311.300)

2008 National Championships WAG Team Final

Gold: Victoria (178.050)
Silver: Western Australia (173.975)

Some videos from the women's team comp are up at YouTube, courtesy of MistySakura. Check out Dasha's floor with a kick-arse double layout and quad pirouette, yeeha!

Getty Images apparently has some photos up, so perhaps try searching under "australia gymnastics" or the athlete's name.

Dasha Joura, WA (darling, lose the back-combed boof. You're better than that and you know it)

Lauren Mitchell, WA

Kirsty Gully, SA

Looking at some of them though... there is some SHOCKING form going on. Particularly on bars. Flexed feet like nobody's business.

Gymnastics Australia has results up for Day 1.

Dasha got a mention at IG but sadly her record-setting floor score didn't get the pomp and circumstance awarded to the likes of Cheng Fei or He Kexin. But hey, you can't rush progress and in terms of Australian gymnastics, no press is bad press (that recent Courier Mail article notwithstanding...)

More to come soon. Stay tuned for the all-around final!


Anonymous said...

Yay. You and me Mez are the only two people on this earth I think who don't like Dash's boof. Everyone else thinks she looks uber cool but I hate it. She better not wear it in Beijing.

Anonymous said...

yea don't like the look of dasha's skins

Nik said...

That boofy hairdo looks like she's off to the local pub to pick up! I LOVE Dasha and what she is doing for Aus gymnastics but that hair has got to go. Gymnastics is about ponytails, preferably short bouncy ones. For some reason the gymnasts always look better with them. Sounds ridiculous but thats my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I watched Dasha for the time and despite her amazing routine i just couldn't get past the hair do. Please someone get out the gel & pull that hair of her face it takes away from her awesome talent