Monday, May 5, 2008

Countdown to Nationals - Sound and Vision


A great news update at the GA homepage made my afternoon.
It states that the MyHeroes page (see past entries) will feature Phillipe Rizzo, Prashanth Sellathurai, Josh Jefferis and Sam Simpson (for the men) and Lauren Mitchell, Dasha Joura, Shona Morgan and Ashleigh Brennan (for the ladies). It's bittersweet because we can't exactly rustle pre-Beijing support for the men's team who won't even be there (save for Sam), but by all means we can rally behind them right through to next year's Worlds in London.

Meanwhile, the WAG Olympic training squad members are looking great in green-and-gold up in the nation's capital...

L-R Rear: Ashleigh Brennan, Georgia Bonora, Olivia Vivian, Emma Dennis, Chloe Sims

L- R Front: Lauren Mitchell, Dasha Joura, Amber Fulljames, Shona Morgan, Melanie Jones

Note: Thus far, nobody in crutches or slings *touch wood* and I'm hoping Mel's bandage is just a stopgap.
Additional note: Can anyone tell me why Ms Sims insists on having her leotard sleeves pushed up all the time?
Additional additional note: Dasha's got the right idea. Fringes look quite good with ponytails and make your forehead look a bit more normal. Sure, they're not for everyone but my word those ponies are severe. I'm holding out a faint hope that the only ailment we see strike Camp Australia before August is alopecia.

Ironically, this could be the last time some of them will be wearing the green-and-gold and taking part in a group that has the word 'Olympic' tacked onto it.

Aaaaand I'm hoping they eventually play this on tv sometime soon (though it's annoying that they don't actually show any landings on the skills). Look at those evil eyes on Prashanth at the very end. Now THAT'S a game face, kids.


Anonymous said...

Wow do you think the trials are really going to be on free to air tv? I could only dream!

I'm trying to identify everyone in that photo...I see Emma Dennis, Georgia Benora, Dasha Joura, Lauren Mitchell, Olivia Vivian, Ash Brennan, Shona Morgan and I think that's it. I don't know the tiny girl in the centre or the two girls on the far right...


Mez said...

I was talking about the ad :P

I miss the days of gym being broadcast on tv. Short of someone getting an Olympic medal and making some headway, I think it's going to be a loooong time before we see televised Nats again.

I will amend the post to ID who's in the photo.

Anonymous said...

No injured girls in the photo because kerby has a fracture in the knee somewhere that they didnt pick up for eight weeks,had to rest and not make the camp .