Saturday, May 17, 2008

Making It Official

1. Tain Molendijk OFFICIALLY out of Nationals with ankle injury.

2. Chloe Sims OFFICIALLY retired. Wow, I can't believe it's now, at this moment, that La Liddick finally says something positive about her... though it's a shame none of the press release features quotes from the girl herself.

3. Squad camp is OFFICIALLY over for now, according to Olivia Vivian.

4. Emma Dennis OFFICIALLY got profiled in the newspaper.

5. The Courier Mail is OFFICIALLY explaining (and speculating about) various retirements in this article. It's quite sad, really, particularly when you read some of the gymnasts' comments.

Queensland's former Olympic squad members Sims, Alyce Arrowsmith, Kayla Winch, Jasmine Webb and Hollie Dykes, who moved to Canberra about eight years ago to train at the AIS, and AIS-based Hayley Wright are among the exodus.

"Something must be going wrong – everyone is getting injured, everyone is retiring," Arrowsmith said.
"All the people I trained with, all the people I competed against – it's like the lost generation, we were one of the best groups."

Winch said: "It's a hidden thing. We are in the spotlight and suddenly we all disappear. Where have we all gone?"


Anonymous said...

Check out todays Australian newspaper - the magazine has portraits of heaps of Chinese gymnasts

Mez said...

I think I read an article about that; an Australian photographer went and took portraits of various Olympic athletes in training (including the basketballers, the runners and the gymnasts. He photographed the synchronised swimming team by going underwater with them!)

Anonymous said...

k. purcell is out of nat with knee injury

Anonymous said...

It was nice, i saw it too. A lovely photo of Li Ya...first I've seen of her in a long while!

Mez said...

Ok. I had a feeling she might not make Nationals seeing as it kept her out of camp.

Thanks :)