Friday, May 9, 2008

Waverley Girls Make Waves

Fresh off the back of their newspaper article, the three Olympic hopefuls from the Waverley Gymnastics Centre - Georgia Bonora, Emma Dennis and Shona Morgan (or as I like to call them, G-Bo, E.Dennis tha Menace and DJ Sho-Mo) were profiled on Channel 9 news tonight.

All the girls got a short soundbite about how excited they were, and coach John Hart said some nice things too. We saw them warming up/conditioning and doing some fairly standard skills.

Interesting to note was that Emma, in her little soundbite, could be seen wearing an "Aim for the Stars" (sporting grant from the Layne Beachley Foundation) jacket and not her Waverley or VIS one.

ETA: The report can now be viewed online as a link from Waverley's website. Get in quick and view it, before it disappears!


Anonymous said...

I wonder if it will be shown nation wide? I might have to flick over from Friends for a sec to see if it's on Nine Perth

Anonymous said...

I think it's great to see some positive reports on TV. the only thing is that the girls should have been wearing VIS tracksuits as they are scholarship holders and also they said that they three of the four girls trialling were from WGC which is not technically correct as there are more girls from Victoria then the four he was 'alluding' to which i thought was a bit of an insult to all the other girls no matter what their chances are.

Anonymous said...

I believe the news item was a spur-of-the-moment thing because it was a slow fotty weekend with State of Origin. The girls were given very little notice so could not prepare with VIS gear etc. The reference to there being only four contenders was unfortunate. Anyone who has been interviewed by the press will know that you cant be sure exactly what will be said in the final cut. Anyway, it was a generally positive piece and is one more thing to help raise the sport's profile.