Saturday, May 31, 2008

In Soviet Russia, Gymnastics Blog Writes YOU.


In my haste to celebrate the end of semester holidays, I neglected to mention the Stars of Moscow World Cup event on Thurs-Fri, at which Australia was represented by Dasha Joura and Lauren Mitchell.

Lauren qualified first to the beam final with a 15.7 which, personally, I think is would be a healthy enough score to get into the Beijing beam finals but probably not enough to get on the medal podium. Funnily enough she didn't end up on the medal podium in Moscow but I am still investigating what happened to bring about that result (a fall, most likely).

Dasha qualified second to the floor final with just a 14.55 and finished third. Her double layout was fine (phew!) albeit with a slight toe-stub on the landing but she under-rotated her double pike and stumbled forward. Good to see the red leo back again. She deserves a t-shirt bearing Adam Hills' famous slogan - GO YOU BIG RED FIRE ENGINE!

The poor girls must be so tired. Please, P-Liddy, wrap them in bubble wrap before the Games and put them in a sleep chamber.

I finally got the internet working on my laptop so now my blogs really WILL be coming to you live from my bedroom and various other moderately comfortable locations. The wireless package deal also came with a free phone which I'm still playing with (* play play play play*). It has so many buttons and functions and shiny things, and the in-built camera is just grand. I don't know what half of the functions do but surely there must be one on there somewhere that will make me breakfast...


ETA: Dasha's floor available for viewing and judging here.

ETA (sometime later): This post's title is very fitting, as I just got back from the hairdresser and my new 'do is not too dissimilar to Cate Blanchett's feist Russian minx's in the latest Indiana Jones film. *sigh* It's just slightly longer and brown instead of black, but I still keep feeling the overwhelming urge to shout "NO SOUP FOR YOU!" and frogmarch Mr Mez out of the loungeroom...

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MRR said...

There were complaints of the floor being too hard at the Moscow World Cup, with Russian Anna Pavlova scrapping the event altogether because she didn't like the way it felt. This likely weakened Dasha's performance, but it seems to be Lauren's nerves that have held her back as of late.
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