Monday, May 19, 2008

Countdown to Beijing - Promos

It's started.

Channel 7 have started airing their promotional advertisements for the Olympic Games. But if you're not Grant Hackett, it's a bit hard to work out whose face it is.

This one features what could be Phillipe or possibly Sam Offord (on rings/pommel) and what looks like Dasha. She's spotted fleetingly, doing a back handspring on the Great Wall, it's quite hard to tell.

This one is for those of you who like long, nostalgic promo's with little to no gymnastics in them.

I can't work out who the Chinese gymnast is in this one. Don't take that as a case of "OMG RACIST BECAUSE YOU THINK THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME!". I just don't know many of the Chinese team members bar Cheng Fei, Zhou Zhouru and Pang PanPan.

Brennan Dowrick was profiled in The Age over the weekend, with his wife (awwwww!) as part of a feature on couples who stayed together as one another's "first loves".


Anonymous said...

love your blog, you are very informitive and give gymnastics a positive slant. the gymnast tubling on the great wall is ashleigh brennan, i was in the gym when channel 7 were doing the filming. keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

I've been seeing these promos for ages Mez! Funny though, I thought that the gymnasts in them were just 'generic' gymnasts, for want of a better word, and no one famous. I didn't think they would be Dasha or anyone we follow. I thought this because gymnastics isn't as popular and well known to the masses the way swimming and athletics is, and so it made sense to me that they'd use Grant Hackett and Tamsin Lewis, because people know who they are, but it would seem a bit pointless to use a gymnast when hardly anyone would realise she was famous and awesome anyway.

Anyways, maybe it is Dasha, maybe you're right. You can't tell though really, since they're on for the tiniest of seconds. I'd like to think it is some of our fave girls.

Oh. Just saw that comment ^^^ Ashleigh huh? I gotta go back and watch it again now! :P

I love Olympic promos. They totally make my day :) I'm getting excited!


Anonymous said...

OK just watched it again! It totally IS Ash Brennan! I paused it frame by frame and yeah it def looks like her. The legs gave it away, and the ponytail, lol!


mistysakura said...

Um, the Chinese gymnast link links to a song...