Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Another Aussie for NCAA!


Victorian/AIS elite Melanie Jones has been recruited to compete at Oregon State University where, as we all know, fellow Aussie Olivia Vivian is making a name for herself. Melanie will most likely join the Beavers roster after Worlds this year and work towards the 2010 collegiate season.

Very best of luck, Mel! Hope to eventually see you in the orange and black!

Thanks Richard for keeping me posted.


Anonymous said...

YAHOO MEL! Great to see another Aussie heading for America!


Anonymous said...

It's also good to see in that article that Mel has already been certified by the NCAA eligibility centre - presumably that means she won't have the problems Vivian, Sims and Blount have had.

Wolfie said...

Excellent news. I'm so happy for Melanie.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what exactly is required to be an "academic qualifier by the NCAA Eligibility Center"?

It would be helpful for future gymnasts to know what they need to achieve in the classroom if they have any aspirations to go through the US system of higher education AND do gymnastics!

nade00 said...


I think GA would be doing themselves a favour to publicise the NCAA requirements and keep all secondary school-aged elites informed of the NCAA path as a viable option.

It provides an incentive for athletes to continue training to reach a high level, deepening the choice for national teams and providing the families with a financial reward/return at the end of it all.

Anonymous said...

If you want to take a look, it's on the NCAA's website. Click on the link to the "International Guide for Student Athletes" from here:

With Chloe, I'm really surprised that she actually got past the point of signing a contract/LOI to Utah without having the necessary classes. Granted, Chloe might not have thought to check, but surely Utah would have? It's not like the NCAA is known for their amazing flexibility when it comes to- well... anything!

mistysakura said...

Thanks for the link! Seeing as people in the gymnastics community do read this blog, would it be worthwhile putting the link in a blog entry at some point so it might filter through to people who need the information?