Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Attention Advertisers

This is just a short message to all advertisers, marketers, PR people, store owners and sales plebs who keep contacting me at the Blog's email address.

The rest of you can just sit for a moment and hum The Girl from Ipanema to yourselves. I'm talking to the suited and booted types.

Dear aforementioned sellers,

Please do not contact me asking if I can link to your sports magazine/fitness centre/social networking site/exercise product. Please do not contact me asking if I can place advertisements for your business or product on the Blog page. I have a strict policy of not willingly placing advertising on the site (whatever Blogger sticks on here is out of my control) because I hate seeing it myself and wouldn't inflict it on others who come here. I am sure they get enough of it on the other sites they visit. Banner ads, pop-ups, fake links, flashing little graphics, I will not have a bar of it. Furthermore I see no need to advertise your product if it has little or nothing to do with gymnastics at all, let alone the Australian national gymsport program.

And please do not think I will accept your offer of payment. I have reason to believe Blogger, who allow me to host this site, do not allow blogs to run for cash profit in the first place. Using Blogger is free, anyway, so I don't really require something to help with upkeep. Regardless, I wouldn't accept cash payment if it meant my readers had to put up with annoying advertisements or unecessary links. My "Useful Links" section is there for a reason, and the links there are not only useful but relevant, and don't require any financial transaction from the casual reader.

Really, just save your precious typing time and PLEASE DON'T ASK ME.


nade00 said...

Haha that made me laugh. A classic rant. Those advertising people must be so annoying, and the type to never get the message....

Mez said...

It's just frustrating. I set up the email address so people could privately contact me with questions or comments rather than sticking them in a post's comment space for all to see.

I really like getting feedback from readers and contributors. But day after day I open my inbox and it's either spam, a "You've Won!" scam from a computer that makes up stupid fake names, or someone from overseas asking to advertise on the site.

Anonymous said...

Amen sister

Anonymous said...

You mean I shouldn't have given them my credit card number and date of birth?

I love that International Gymanst Magazine's official forum has ads for Viagra on it. I mean it doesn't reflect badly on the sport and I can totally see how the two are related...oh wait. Never mind.

Kudos for not being a sellout to the corporate machine. When the revolution comes I shall recommend you highly comrade Mez.

Anonymous said...

I hate hate hate the ads on the IG froum! No so much the viagra, but the weight loss ads with pictures of obese people with no clothes. Nobody wants to look at that while browsing.

Anonymous said...

I understand you saying no Mez, and fully agree, but for half a second I just though "OMG Mez could be the next perez Hilton and be RICH if she accepted those offers'. I heard that was how he became famous and rich and makes his money...

But yes, I do prefer your blog ad free!


Wolfie said...

Hee, I love your clever little rant, Mez. And thanks for sparing us the annoying ads.

On a similar note, I recently received a snail mail letter from Tokyo, redirected to me from my Sydney address, congratulating me for winning eleventy million (or thereabouts) Euro. All I have to do is supply my credit card details (just for the small admin fee, you understand) and send it on to Amsterdam, and the money is all mine. From Tokyo to Sydney (then a detour to Melbourne) and then onto Amsterdam? Hmmmmm.

Strangely, Nigeria didn't get a mention.

How do these fraudsters get hold of our details? I loathe wasting time reading this rubbish. But I guess they wouldn't do it if some poor suckers didn't comply. :-(

Anonymous said...

I have seen a few stories on current affairs show about people getting caught by fraudsters so they must get some people. They say that if something sounds too good to be true then it probably is.

NIC said...

Here Here
I admire you mez
you tell em