Tuesday, April 7, 2009

No Nerves for Nationals

Now bound for the National Collegiate Championships, Olivia Vivian and her fellow OSU freshman discussed their expectations for the regional championships, which qualified them for the Nationals, here.

“In between our byes [at the Pac-10 Championships] we’d go inside our locker room, we’d dance around, we’d play games. It was so much fun. The environment was so amazing and then when we got out there, we got out there to do our jobs. We didn’t care what had happened before, we just attacked every apparatus as a fresh start kind of thing.”
You can see Olivia's bars routine from the regional championships, including an unfortunate fall but a fantastic stuck dismount, here. She is the lead-off bars performer. It's nice to see that the coach is allowed to approach the gymnast after they fall and give them a quick pep-talk there and then instead of the girl just having a sorrowful walk back to the chalk bucket...

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Anonymous said...

It sounds like so much fun, the way they describe their competition :) I'm so glad that a gymnast as good as Olivia can still enjoy gymnastics like a child might.