Saturday, April 25, 2009

One Hundred and One

Thanks and congratulations to E. Baldwin and K. Edgerton who have today become, respectively, the 100th and 101st members of Supporters of Australian Gymnastics!!!

By joining this group you are showing a commitment to the belief that gymsports are beneficial to people in Australia, and that our country's representatives in said sports are worthy of support and encouragement. You are also joining one less group on Facebook dedicated to Twilight.

And lo, there was rejoicing at this news and this blogger saw that it was good.


On another note, I'd love to hear from anyone attending the VWHPC Invitational on Sunday. I'm unfortunately unable to attend myself but wouldn't mind hearing from anyone who manages to attend the sessions. I'm particularly interested in what the Level 10s have on show.

You know the email address by now. You do your bit, I'll do my bit, and let's have ourselves a polite conversation.


gymmum said...

Hi Mez,

My daughter's competing today at the HPC. Wish us luck!

Chachakid said...

Hi Mez!

Thought i'd just leave a comment and let you know that K.Edgerton is also Chachakid : )

Thanks heaps and i really do apologize for not joining earlier!

Anonymous said...

Only stayed for warm up at HPC but the 10's looked good. Alex Eade has double pike on floor. Simone Williams and Laura Hingston both doing release on bars. Nothing exciting on Beam. Simone has a knee support and didn't warm up any skills on beam or tumbling on floor.

LMNOP said...

Did you want to know about the National 10s or the IDP 10s??

Mez said...

One or both if you please. And anything on the Seniors if you can manage it, as I heard they were rotating as well.

I was told the sessions ran overtime which was not helpful for the youngin's in the later session.

Anonymous said...

the National 7, 8, 9 and 10 sesion ran over time making the last session, IDP 3A, IDP 5, IDP 6, IDP 8, IDP 10 and Junior and Senior International run over time.

However, IDP 10, Junior and Senior were actually not competing. it was more a control test for the girls before trial 1 in two weeks.

As stated, Alex Eade competed a double pike on floor, Simone only competed bars due to her knee injury, Svetlana didn't compete, neither did Chloe Claringbold and Grace Claringbold.

LMNOP said...

National 10
There were not a huge number of national 10s (it was hard to keep track of who was in what level as 7-10 were in the same session but I *think* there were maybe about 6-8 of them).
Results (I hope all of these are correct, it was a bit hard to hear the announcer at times - feel free to correct me!).
Vt- Meagan silvers MLC
Ub - Felicity jenkins MLC
bb - Meagan silvers MLC
fx - meagan silvers MLC
aa - 1. Meagan silvers MLC, 2. Felicity Jenkins MLC, 3. Alicia Brown MLC

skills (again hard to keep track of levels so this may or may not be accurate!)
vt - mostly tsuks - either pike or layout. A couple of handspring fronts.
UB - stand out routine was from felicity jenkins who had a straddle jaegar, a shoot half to handstand and front giants to front layout 1/2 dismount
BB - lots of falls!! mostly front tuck mounts, um a variety of acro skills: back tucks/pikes, aerial cartwheels, front aerials, back handsprings. saw a nice round-off layout step out mount but she may have been a level 9 i think. dismounts were front layouts, front fulls, gainers.
FX- only a few double saltos out there (and possibly from level 9s not 10s). lots of double twists, saw a couple of 2.5, lots of front fulls + the usual assortment of turns, leaps and jumps.

I can't really think of/remember anything else to report but if you have questions I can try and answer them.

IDP 10 and Junior/Senior (+ IDP3,5,6,8)
like the above poster I only stayed for the warm-up and the first rotation (and they were on spare first!).
competing were:
senior: Britt greeley
junior: Zoe Lorenzin, Tierra Exum
IDP 10: not sure of names - but I think they have all been mentioned here already.
Can't remember any specifics(too many little cuties to watch as well!) but they did look good!

Peggy was there watching and going to each group during warm-up and chatting and making corrections etc.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what kind of skills Simone Williams has on any other apparatus other than bars? And whats her knee injury like , is she going to be able to compete at trial 1 in 2 weeks?

Anonymous said...

There were two nasty falls in the second section both girls went to hospital - does anyone know how they are?

Anonymous said...

Simone has being working back handspring back flip layout for a dimount on beam, back handspring layout stepout for her acro series as well as arials.
on vault standard yurchenko layout, whist beginning work on a layout full twist.
Simone hasn't being doing much floor but on tramp is working double tuck, pike, two and a half twist and front layout front full twist

Froggy said...

Laura Hingston's new floor, which she did in full for the first time on Sunday, is stunningly beautiful!! I just loved it ... even landing the last tumble on her butt did not deter from the overall enjoyment of the performance. I can't wait to see it when she's competition fit.