Wednesday, April 8, 2009

No News Is... Not Good.

*Twiddling thumbs*

Well this is eleven kinds of fun. No news, no goss, no discussion, no nuthin'.

Nobody even had comments on the new national tracksuits?



Anonymous said...

Well i have a question.
I was under the impression that Rachel Collister has quit gymnastics but she was on the list of attendees to the junior national camp.

Did she injur herself last year?
Did she quit then come back?
Did her and Emma take turns in pretending to be Emma?

Anonymous said...

I think the new national tracksuit look quite good but I am not sure about the blue. Australia's colours are supposed to be green and gold but we seem to be seeing more blue come out like at the olympic opening and closing ceremonies.

I would love to hear some updates on the national team members but no one seems to have any. Maybe after the next camp we will know more.

Anonymous said...

camps are coming up, maybe something then

Anonymous said...

camps are soon, but we rarely here more than " Some of the girls have some interesting upgrades." if they were to tell us who and what the upgrades were it would make converstaion a lot less speculative.

Lauren also has Maribo in 2 weeks or so. Finally get ot see her new skill set on beam and floor. She doesn't have a seocnd vault so she won't be doing vault, so no chance ot see if she has a DTY.

Recently I rewatched the World Cup final. After Lauren's routine she was talking to Martine on air. Couldn't make out all that was said but Martine said something along the lines of " new routine form now on. New back series, excited?" So I think Loz might be changing around her LOSO Pike combo. Maybe adding a bhs first or maybe changin to a layout? I think more was said but i can't recall it all. It's an intersting watch in these lack of gym news times. Also the conversation between Loz and Cheng Fei was adorable.

nade00 said...

Somehow I don't know if Lauren will end up competing in Maribor. I noticed that Australia is not on the list of definitive entries and the FIG is very strict about that stuff, so it pretty much indicates to me that maybe they decided not to go or were too late for the cutoff.

I hope I am wrong though....

Mez said...

Thanks, Anon at 9:58. I re-watched footage and was surprised not to have picked that little audio snippet up the first time around (being the sticky-beaker for sideline conversations that I am). Well spotted!

It really sounded like they were saluting her 'old' beam and preparing for a new-look set.

I for one can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I just noticed that Mary-Anne Monckton isn't competing at the NSW trials. Does anyone know if she is still injured, or if she is retired?

It seems NSW is getting the stocks up in the upper levels. They will have:

11 International 8s trialling
7 international 10s trialling
3 juniors (Monica Sloane, Hiba Balout, and Sophie Budack)+Mary-Anne if she is still around.

Can anyone tell me who are the ones to watch in those levels?

Wolfie said...

I like the new blue and white trackies. I am a huge fan of green and gold for Aussies, but these blue and white ones are CLASSY, and they have some green and gold trimming.

Hey, it's not pink or purple. So no complaints from me.

As for the upcoming events, I hope all the Aussies are healthy, fit and ready to show us what they can do. Fingers crossed.

News C'mon Mez. If anyone can find out a few juicy morsels about what's going on for Dasha, it's YOU! No pressure. :-)

Mez said...

No word on Dasha (she's way too cool for me, haha) but I have 'touched base' with Mary-Anne.

There is some info I have said I wouldn't divulge, but I CAN say that Little Mez is headed to the latest training camp, although she's still recovering from a leg injury sustained at AYOF.

I can also tell you that she can't wait to get back to proper training and isn't looking to say goodbye any time soon, despite her constant run-ins with injury.

Go Little Mezzie!

Anonymous said...

To 11.45 - it is a bit hard to give updates on the Inter 10 girls as they did Inter 8 last year and the compulsories are always a little different but Celeste Loo, Ashleigh Kittle, Naomi Lee and Breannah McArthur all did well at last years Nationals. In the Juniors - it will be interesting to see Monica Sloan as i don't think she competed last year. Hiba looked great as anter 6 and 8 but then had quite a big growth spurt and struggled at last years Aus Championships - hopefully she has grown into her height and will have a better year

shelley said...

Slightly off topic but...

It would seem that our very own Claire Xian has not only returned to SA but has taken up race walking!

State results would suggest that this she is talented at more than one sport.

Anyone have any further info?

Anonymous said...

I have a tiny bit of news about Dasha and Lauren. They are currently in Canberra along with Emily Little, demonstrating for the level 3 FIG Coaches course. As far as I know all three are then headed for Camp. She has been in the gym lately, although not full time, maybe doing some rehab elsewhere. It's not much I know, but it's all I have!

nade00 said...

Uh oh....

OXLEY: Alysha Koloi of Oxley is quickly establishing herself as one of Queensland’s best junior gymnasts.

The seven-year-old is a member of the QAS gymnastics squad, and has already begun making a name for herself in gymnatics circles.

However, with funding for gymnastics limited at the moment, the QAS gymnastics program is in danger of being shut down in June.

Women’s program manager Belinda Wall said the program was appealing for support to survive.

“We don’t get a lot of exposure, so we are looking for support,” she said.

“It would be a huge shame (if the program shut down), but we are lucky we have support from Gymnastics Queensland.”

For Alysha, the opportunity to participate in the sport she loves is a big part of her life.

“I like gymnastics because it keeps you healthy and its fun,” she said.

“I like doing vault, because I like doing tricks on to the crash pad.”

Anonymous said...

Can anyone think of something fans/supporters could do? Letter writing? Anyone think of who to appeal to?

There must be something, ANYTHING, that can be done to help...if only to get this issue beyond the attention of a local newspaper.

Sounds like they need a big time sponsor.

QAS is such an important program for the future of the WAG team right now.