Sunday, April 26, 2009

Assignments FAILED.

GA weren't kidding when they said there would be no international assignments for Senior WAGs prior to Nationals - Lauren Mitchell is now out of May's Glasgow Grand Prix.

The team to the Germany "Pre-Olympic" Youth Cup is yet to be named.

Prashanth Sellathurai and Matthew Curtis to attend Alexander Dityatin Cup and Moscow World Stars events in Russia.


Anonymous said...

Lauren is injured

Anonymous said...

are all of our 2008 Olympic team injured/upgrading or contemplating retirement. If not, they should be getting international assignments to give them more experience. No good cotton-woolling them in the gym at home till Worlds or the World Cup - they'll just as likely retire out of the boredom of monotony of training.

Anonymous said...

It's pretty much all of the team..
Dasha- Has trained very little since Olympics and although she did attend camp, left early less than happy.
Lauren- Injured which is not a surprise seeing as she has been required to maintain full fitness and compete after the Olympics
Shona- In full training (I think) but working towards Nationals then Worlds.
Georgia- Same as Shona but not quite at full fitness yet
Ashleigh- The word is that she has retired and although I hear contradictions from time to time, I still think she won't be back.
Olivia- Now in the U.S.
Mel- Now also in the U.S.
Emma- Building back up following fractured foot injury.

I don't know where Britt and Emily are at. I think they are OK.

Nic said...

man that sucks
I feel sorry for the girls
training must get boring with no comps.

Anonymous said...

I think Dasha might retire soon too. Just a vibe i get, if she is still not doing well 9 months after the injury.