Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy Little Campers

Junior camp has come to a close. Come to think of it... so has Senior camp.

Front Row: (Left to Right) Angela Donald, Alexandra Eade, Naomi Lee, Zoe Lorenzin, Amelia McGrath, Mary-anne Monckton.
2nd Row: Ebonie Boucher, Isobel Looker, Jamison Ruscoe, Simone Williams, Natalia Joura, Grace Claringbold
3rd Row: Rachel Collister, Georgia Wheeler, Laura Hingston, Britt Greeley, Svetlana Sanders, Clare O'Donnell, Nikola Chung.
4th Row: Ashley Cooney, Tierra Exum, Emma Collister, Sophie Budack, Georgia-Rose Brown, Alexandra Byers-Armstrong, Georgia Simpson

Note - Britt was there to trial for the Pre-Olympic Youth Cup.

Note also - BOTH Collister sisters were present.

Note in addition - Isn't Stacey soooo adorable and smiley in her national tracksuit?

Hope you all have a safe and happy (sombre?) Anzac Day, marking the occasion in your own special ways. Olivia has a bit to say about Australian and American cultures here.


Step It Up: said...

Can't believe how many Georgia's we have in the Juniors! Even more if you include the senior members. Also good to see some more sisters excelling in the elite divisions after the Joura's, O'Brien's and was it Kmetko girls??

Mez said...

Don't forget Sarah and Amy Lauren!

shelley said...

Wow! 25 juniors! Great numbers and some names I haven;t noticed before.
Does anyone have info on the newer girls?
Nikola Chung?
Naomi Lee?
Jamison Ruscoe?

Anonymous said...

lol for a moment I read both collister sisters were pregnant instead of present
gave myself a fright

Anonymous said...

I think Nikola, Naomi and Jamison are all International 10s who are 1996 born.

Shame they didn't actually publish who made the team for Germany.....and a shame the QAS girls couldn't trial since they weren't there.

Anonymous said...

Nicola is actually 1995 born and Jamison is early 96. Both trining at WAIS in the same squad as Natalia Joura, Georgia Simpson and Ashley Cooney.
Nikki last competed Int 8 in 2008. I'm not sure if she is aiming for 10 or Junior this year. She is a very graceful gymnast with beautiful lines (reminds me of Tain)and swings bars very nicely (IMHO). Jamison is tiny and very talented. Jamison did not compete at Nationals or State Competitions last year, perhaps she was injured, but she is definitly one to watch in the future. Don't really know anything about Naomi Lee, however when I was checking Nikki's last year's results I noticed Naomi also competed Int 8 in 2008 and is from NSW. I don't know how old she is.

Anonymous said...

I thought Naomi was AIS

Anonymous said...

can anyone tell me about Isobel Looker? Strengths, weaknesses or skills? I have just looked at the nat clubs pic for the first time and she seems to be a beautiful gymnast, almost like Hollie Dykes.