Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Camp News is Good News!

Training camp has apparently resulted in several missing digits.

In attendance:
Lauren, Dasha, Emily for WA
Shona, Georgia, Britt, Emma, Chloe Turko for Victoria
Mel J for AIS/Victoria
and Amber for Queensland

Victoria Williams, Crystal Yeo, Natasha Hamman (Hammond?), Larissa Miller, Fiona Coley, Karina Brooks.

I found this bit rather alarming:

"There will be no plans for any Seniors to attend international events prior to Nationals".

Ash Brennan still pondering retirement but nothing permanent has been decided. No retirements spoken for from anyone else. Fiona Coley back in the mix after planning a comeback. Glad I got to catch her in action at VWHPC.

Britt and Emily, along with 16 juniors, will attend a trial for an upcoming "Pre-Olympic" youth competition in Germany. Amber was slated to attend this trial but is recovering from a hamstring injury,



Anonymous said...

They spelt Ashleigh Brennan's name Ashley. You think they could get it right. Its not like her spelling is unusual.

No internationals for seniors before nationals, so that must mean Lauren isn't going to Glasgow either.

nade00 said...

There was also the classic spelling of 'quadrennium' as 'quadrinium' - lmao.

I'm not usually a spelling/grammar Nazi but come on - quadrinium?

I am wondering where Chantelle Turnbull is is no retirements are reported. I liked her gym.

Mez said...

They also spelled "Britt" with one 't'. Twice.

I was sure it was Hamman and not Hammond...

Do you guys watch this blog like a hawk or something? MAN, you're quick on the uptake!


nade00 said...

What can i say, it's great for procrastinating uni work.....

And yes, It is definitely Hammann, not Hammond.

Anonymous said...

Do they really need to revert to the cheesy faux-gangster hand signals? Really? That was tacky when the US team did it 3 years ago.

shelley said...

Can anyone help with some IDs?
From front left I have:
Dasha, Emily, Amber, Georgia
2nd row: Mel, Britt, Lauren, Emma
3rd row: Shona, ?, ?, Victoria
back row:Crystal, Georgia McIntosh (although not listed I am fairly confident here, ?, ?

So that leaves me unable to identify the last five with only four names listed by GA (Natasha, Fiona, Chloe, Larissa, Karina) and only five bodies.
Does anyone know who is who and who is missing?

Mez said...

I believe Fiona is next to Victoria up the back (face obscured by hand) but unfortunately I don't really know any others by face. Which is a shame, I should start recognising them if they're going to be around for a while!

Anonymous said...

The girls are just having some fun, that is a good thing, isn't it?

random =D said...

ok. for starters i am 100% positive that georgia mcintosh is NOT in that photo. she didn't go to camp.
ROW 1 :Dasha, Emily, Amber, Georgia
2nd row: Mel, Britt, Lauren, Emma
3rd row: Crystal, Shona, Chloe, Karina. UNsure about the others. the photo is too small.
anyway hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

The girls between Chloe and Karina will be either Natasha or Larissa and the same for the girl after Karina. The last two and Fiona and Victoria

NIC said...


nade00 said...

Hammann is definitely the one behind/between Chloe Turko and Karina, and next to Crystal Yeo, and Fiona is the one behind Victoria Williams.

Larrissa is the other one in the back row.

=D said...

calm down.
lauren is next to britt in the 2nd row.

shelley said...

Well blow me away if Natasha doesn't look just like Georgia McIntosh.

Randon, you are obviously in the know. georgia was originally named for senior camp. Any clues on why she didn't attend?

Nik said...

It looks like Dasha is wearing braces... did she get braces? I didn't think she would have needed them.

Anonymous said...

I really can't tell if she is wearing braces or not.

random =D said...

georgia mcintosh is injured.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Dasha did get braces, she is still beautiful with them.