Sunday, April 5, 2009

Go the O

Congratulations to Olivia Vivian and her Oregon State team-mates who are through to the National NCAA Gymnastics Championships after a good showing at the regional championship! What a coup for them, and a great recovery after Livvy apparently suffered a fall on bars. You can read a pre-meet article about the Beavers' bars lineup (which of course includes Olivia) here.

Thanks everyone for your feedback on yesterday's post. Keep it coming. I hope that a more public notice of the submissions helps the cause. I didn't realise the situation was so dire with some of my favourite members of the squad.

Late news... GA has revealed there is to be a new uniform for the 2009-2012 Olympic cycle (apparently the green-and-gold is for Levels?), provided by Adidas. Somebody got their stimulus package, methinks.

You can also read about our gymnastics representatives at today's Run for the Kids here.


Manu said...

I leave the connection you to blog of photos of rythmical gymnastics in the Basoue-Spain Country.
I wait for your visit and that disfruteis.

Nic said...

we just dont have good colours to work with.
I mean who's idea was it to have green and gold as our National colours?