Monday, July 28, 2008


That's right folks. This is a big deal.

I am calling upon the fans, coaches, gymnasts and gymfamilies that read this little corner of interwebbery to participate in a project to support our Olympic gymnastics team.

I am trying to put together a picture entry to post here by Friday 8/8 (that's next Friday, the day of the Olympic opening ceremony) as our WAG team prepares to compete on the 10th. This entry will hopefully get seen by the competitors during their time in the Olympic village as I understand some coaches and officials who have contact with the team read this blog. Word of the project should eventually get to the girls though I hope to upload it and send it in a "Hero Message" to the team as well. So they will get it in the end :)

WHAT IS IT? One big entry consisting of a series of photos of you guys (and me)! It's easy to do and anyone can take part.

WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO? Simple. Take a photo of either just you or you-and-your-family-or-friends holding a sign with big smiles, as well as any other Aussie memorabilia (such as green-and-gold or a flag) if you wish.

WHAT KIND OF SIGN? It can be on a t-shirt, it can be on an A4 piece of paper, it can be on a poster with drawings, it can be drawn in the sand, it can be on a cloth banner, you could spell it with your bodies! Anything, so long as the message is visible!

WHAT DOES THIS SIGN HAVE TO SAY? This is the integral bit. It's the catchiest, most enthusiastic and most AUSSIE phrase ever to come out of the mind of a comedian and television host:


That's right. The phrase made famous by Spicks and Specks' Adam Hills that follows him everywhere he goes as he spreads positivity and humour all around the world. It means "go for it", it means "go hard or go home", it means "go because we believe in you!"
It's like Roy and HG's "Go You Good Thing!" but with a level added by reference to a coloured vehicle.

I couldn't think of a better message to send to our team in Beijing - we're behind you all the way so just go for it!


This is important. Email a copy of the photo/s as an attachment or list its web location (a link to, say, a Photobucket url) to with the subject title "Fan Project". It would be great to know your name and what state you're from, however you do not have to give me your name with your photo if you wish to remain anonymous. I will then collate all the photos I receive and and post them in one big entry here. I will also put them in a collage of sorts to upload and send via Hero Messages. Photos may be re-sized for these purposes.

You must send your photos by 7pm on Wednesday, August 6th (next Wednesday). Any photos received later than this will, sadly, not be utilised.

Please consider taking part, I know the Australian gymnastics community is capable of big things when members put their minds to it!


Anonymous said...

You typed July 6th - Do you mean August 6th?

What a great idea.

Why not email this request to Gymnastics club throughout Victoria?

Mez said...

Sorry, I meant August. I've adjusted the post to reflect the change. Thanks for the heads-up :)

I thought about contacting GV about it. Don't know. Don't want it to become a publicity stunt thing.

I've cross-posted the project to the forum and the Facebook group but will have to adjust the dates there as well :P

Anonymous said...

Will do my best to submit something Mez...great idea as usual! :) Not so keen on the poor girls having to look at my ugly mug, but hopefully my 2 1/2 year old daughter will be acceptable. *L*


Anonymous said...

Hey you might be interested in this page too:

dayna polley said...


will do my best to make a sign and post it, great idea. I have to do a project for school on the olympics and we also have to do a profile on a an australian athlete and the sport they play I will be doing you! i love gymnastics i used to do it and my friend ely paredes used to go to the ais for gymnastics!.