Sunday, July 27, 2008

You're Nobody Til Somebody Lampoons You

The Age's weekly instalments on Ashleigh Brennan and Matthew Targett are continuing with a sweet photo of Ash, sitting pretty alongside her coaches Mischa and Tracey, printed today. Mischa's simple and calming advice sounds like that which he whispered to Monette Russo as she prepared for floor on the way to her historic 2005 World Championships medal. Let's hope Ms Brennan goes on to similar success.

On the back of the Sports page is a little piece about Steve Waugh's visit to the AIS and the gym team, complete with a small digitally-altered photo of Ash (on the Melbourne Commonwealth Games podium) decked out in leotard a jauntily-positioned baggy green. Stylish, no?


Anonymous said...

Hey mez... check out saturday's herald sun if you can. ashleigh has scored a 2-page article in the 'weekend' liftout, including a full page photo of her in an "angelic" get-up. in the main news section there's also a stunning photo of her leap... definitely one for the scrapbook!

Mez said...

Are you serious? The ONE day I don't get the bloody paper!

Thankfully our local newsagent is a great guy who usually holds on to about a week's worth of papers.

Go Ash!