Sunday, July 13, 2008

More Olympic Developments

We're coming into the home straight now, folks. The days to August 10 are ticking over fast.

The Age newspaper has revisited the progress of Ashleigh Brennan and swimmer Matthew Targett. For number crunchers and other eagle-eyes, you'll learn in the piece that few to no new skills are being added to her repertoire, she (and I assume the rest of the team) are sticking to repetition and consistent performances with the routines they already have.

If you check out your local newsagent some time soon, there is a soft-cover "guide" to the 2008 Olympic venues and our teams for all sports that had been named at time of printing. The gym team isn't listed, But Dasha Joura is pictured and listed, along with Ashleigh and Lauren Mitchell, as sure bets for a team spot.

Spirit Fingers, everyone! The Aussie WAG team went to the So You Think You Can Dance? live national tour in their down-time when it stopped by Canberra, and met some of the stars after the show. Here they are with Anthony Ikin.


Anonymous said...

Sweet. I got the CWG one back in 06 and it had some good stuff on Monette in there. I'll keep an eye out for the Olympic one!


P.S Any chance of an Age scan again Mez?

Mez said...

Nope, sorry. My scanner has gone *kaput*. But it's not worth it, anyway. There was a BIG picture of Matt but a teeny-weeny picture of Ashleigh. She's doing a side somi (or something similar) and it looks unflattering.