Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Real Gym of a Dad

Just wanted to say... tomorrow is my Dad's 64th birthday.

Dad always came to watch my gym comps when I was younger, and of course was there to take photos for posterity (getting chastised more than once for forgetting to turn the flash off the camera). Hugs all 'round, no matter if I came first or last.

Dad in recent years has been very patient when I crack out my gym tapes on a rainy afternoon, and is always humouring me by enquiring about who's who in a competition (Worlds 2006: "Is that Svetlana girl still in it?", Euro's 2008: "Beth Tweddle.... now there's a British name if I ever heard one!") though if I tried to explain the blog, it'd probably do his head in.

So Happy Birthday, Dad! America celebrates when you do, so let's pretend all the red-white-and-blue fireworks are all for you too!