Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tick Tock Tick Tock...

Dasha's been doing some last minute media-workin' before the team departs. It's interesting to note that she's considering doing Cirque but I'm sure she'd be a valuable asset to any performance troupe, be it circus or contemporary dance or Brechtian theatre.

Anyway. She did a 'live blog' this morning, the transcript of which you can read here (P-Liddy pops up again) and there's an additional article which you can find here. She also did her final column which you can read here.
1. The team leo's will be green and gold!
2. She won't be doing the Amanar in Beijing but might go for her quad pirouette on floor
3. She likes chocolate and cheesecake - a girl after my own heart!

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Meg said...

Hi its Meg here.
I was the one who asked her about Cirque and the what the leos were like! It was so cool 2 chat 2 her - I totally fluked finding out she was online this morning. I chose a good day to have a sickie!
P.S Love your work - Go you big red fire engine!!!!

meg said...

Just realised the 1st article is about my Cirque question 2! Wow i made it onto 2 of my favourite websites WooHoo!!!!! Thats somethin for my scrapbook!!!

Mez said...

Glad to be of service! *dainty little bow*

Nik said...

Hahaha I love Peggy's comment and Dasha's response.
Nice interview. I would have liked if she'd answered the question on who is doing which apparatus though. But I think 4 of them will do AA, Olivia bars only and one other will miss bars... that one is the only mystery.

Loving this blog Mez- oooh the olympics are sooo close!!!

Anonymous said...

I would think Georgia will split the apparatus with Olivia; with the former likely doing vault, beam & floor as Nik suggested. I'd be very suprised to see Georgia go up on bars ahead of one of the others (although she is as capable), and I can't imagine Olivia getting a guernsey on beam or floor over Georgia. JMO anyway....