Monday, July 28, 2008

Bullets With Angel Wings

Right. So.
No time to dwell, dear hobbits, the team's departure is drawing nigh. Pressure? Fear? They certainly don't seem to be showing it. This training period has clearly been all about mixing fun with focus and the girls truly seem to be competently balancing business with pleasure. This week they've been partying, shooting, chatting, celebrating, laughing and farewelling.

Gymnastics Australia's latest news update brings interesting relevations. In bad news, Emma Dennis is officially out of the reserve position with injury, replaced with Mel J, but hopefully this will not deter from staying on and working towards Worlds (among other international events) in 2009. In better news, the rest of the girls are looking healthy and positive and raring for their Olympic debut.

The team has had more visitors to camp, including Olympic shooting gold medallist Suzy Balogh (whose medal is seen in the photo above, I bet Dasha can't wait to get hold of one for herself!) who autographed a clay target for each girl, GA president Ken Williamson, and Athens gymnastics reps Karen Nguyen, Monette Russo, Stephanie Moorhouse and Melissa Munro.
They also had their farewell dinner, with their efforts being celebrated by their families and support team.

I simply must bring attention to the double-page spread of Ashleigh B from Saturday's Herald Sun. The photo used to promote it was gorgeous (sadly my camera-phone doesn't do it justice) and she came across as a well-balanced and mature competitor. What an addition to her family's scrapbook!

And finally... Happy Belated Birthday to Lauren Mitchell!

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Anonymous said...

Dasha was on the Fox Sports Beijing Now web blog Q and A this morning - pretty cool. we may see her in Cirque Du Soleil after shes done with gym.