Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Livvy La Vida Loca

Ah, puns.
I've been waiting for ages to use that one!
Happy new financial year, everybody.

It seems all the talk this week is about WA's 'veteran' Olivia Vivian.

Some are in the "she needs a big fixer-upper and even then she's not worthy of a team spot" camp. Some are settled in the "she's more than deserving and is an asset to the team" camp. Some people, like me, are starting to uproot ourselves from the muddy marshland of It'saConspiracyAgainstWaverleyLand and pitch tents in the "well, Peggy decided it for reasons we won't know or understand unless we're INSIIIIIDE HER HEEEAAAD LIKE A TWILIGHT ZONE EPISODE OR 'BEING JOHN MALKOVICH' AND I LIKED THAT FILM EXCEPT FOR WHEN JOHN MALKOVICH WAS A LADY IN A DRESS BECAUSE THAT WAS JUST CREEPY so it's out of our hands and I'm still happy about the rest of the team and who knows, she might make a good job of it when her big moment comes" camp.

Liv herself discusses her performance at trials in her latest blog here, so draw your opinions about the girl as you will. P-Liddy must have seen something we didn't (or haven't) so let's see what this month's camp will bring.


Anonymous said...

There is a rumour floating around that Emma lodged an appeal. Anyone know if it is true?

Also does anyone know how severe Ashleigh's injury is, and if she will be able to compete AA at the Olympics?

Anonymous said...

I don't think I'm in any camps, cos I just can never make up my mind. But I am not outraged that she got the spot, neither am I jumping for joy. I am pleased it is a trifector for my home state though.

I just think, hey Peggy must have had her reasons and there must be a very good one if she put Olivia on the team. I think people will pull out their never before seen big guns in Beijing and blow us away and I think Olivia will at least try to do this, and that's all I can ask of her. I also think it will be fantastic to have her past experience and her terrific leadership qualities. Without that I think the team would be a very young and potentionally frightened team who just might need a guiding hand or a hug from someone they're friends with and trust rather than someone they despise (?) and are afriad of (?) like Peggy? lmao.

And yes I mean Olivia could dish out hugs and pep talks from the sidelines as an alternate I suppose but while I'm not at all in the 'she deserves it cos this is ehr last chance to make an Olympics' camp (that is the stuidest reason someone should make an Olympic team that I've ever heard!), I do believe that Emma might have been a little too young and inexperienced to be on the team. I love her gym and her as a person, but think she can do fantastic things with even just as little as one more year under her belt. I expect great things from her in 2009 and for Delhi and London '12. I really think she will benefit from having this learning experience as just being an alternate.

Although, I too had heard she had lodged an appeal. I am super curious to see what that turns up.

The team they've announced I think is a great team and everyone I wanted to be on it was (well I also wanted Hollie and Melody but yeah) so I am positive they can do great things at the Olympics.


Hannah said...

Should have been Emma.

Anonymous said...

I agree her experience will be an asset. It's true that Emma wasn't really a beacon of consistency on the DTY and that she did have her share of falls and mishaps at nats and trials. Plus she has never competed at a senior intl meet or on a podium internationally.

mistysakura said...

Eh, I think I've pretty much come to terms with it. As long as no more than one person melts down on any one apparatus we're fine, so it doesn't actually make much of a difference whether we take Olivia for bars or Emma for vault. Unless injuries come into play once they've started prelims -- if we have to put Olivia up for a non-bars event, we'll have to keep our fingers crossed for super consistency from everyone else. Olivia's A-scores are just too low.

Someone on another board was hoping that Olivia stays well and truly away from gym boards and blogs. I'm firmly in their camp. And I'm sorry for overreacting in my previous comment. Olivia really does have great leadership and Emma's time will come.

Anonymous said...

I heard Emma came into the camp with hamstring problems, that is why she could not train very many DTY. Is that Peggy's fault?

Anonymous said...

Ashleigh did not look injured today. She did routines on all 4 apparatus, she looked strong and fit to us.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps they were just aware that Ashleigh had pulled up sore and wanted to protect her legs a little bit. We need Ash on this team and she was pretty consistent right through Nationals and did all four on day 1 of trials.

Better to rest her on day 2 as she was literally guaranteed a place on the team anyway. I'm not suprised she's reportedly training all four again.


Anonymous said...

I'm happy to hear that about Ashleigh. We can't really afford to not have her. From the pics and stuff I've seen, she looks to be in amazing physical shape. Besides, it would be devastating to pulll out injured so close to the Olympics.

Anonymous said...

Mez, I think Peggy has finally stumbled across your blog.

See the last couple of comments from the day of selection, and the ones from 3:21 and 9:34 today.

Mez said...

You reckon?

I hope so. The only brushes with gymnastics fame I've had this year (aside from that time I plucked up the courage to give Mel Jones some vocal support in the Vodafone Arena foyer) have been when I've packed Zeena Mclaughlin's groceries into a plastic bag.

G'day Peggy (or Peggy's minion or fan or house elf), if you really are reading.

But regardless - there are too many of you 'anons' out there! You outnumber Dave Gormans!

Anonymous said...

I am the 3:21 & 9:34 poster. I am NOT Peggy, but thanks anyway, not nearly that high up, but I do have access to training, so will try to keep you all posted, if it stays supportive. I am not into all the name-calling and personal attacks. The girls look happy, a few niggles, but overall not too bad. Lighter training for Shona, Emma and Georgia. Ashleigh is back to full, along with Dasha, Lauren. Olivia completed her bar routines and it looks like she has a sore ankle, she did not tumble the past 2 days, but lots of endurance work, so it looks like she is planning to fight for a spot in the floor line up. I have to stay anonymous for obvious reasons, they would not let me near the gym again!

Anonymous said...

I too have access to watch the girls in full training. Ash looks strong and showing no signs of noggling injuries. Olivia looks determined and solid, a place in the floor routine may be a very real possibility. Loz was lokking a bit tired, but who can blame any of the girls.
I know each of the 6 gilrs will stand up and deliver in beijing, and Peggy has made a strong sound decision when selecting the strongest team.

Anonymous said...

an appeal? why bother. this is where it will just go tit for tat. Emma and co should just accept the fact that she is young and inexperienced. she will get her chance at the worlds next year. I do feel sorry for all of the gymnasts that missed out this time. Now is time for all of us to focus and support our team and move forward. well done Dasha, Lauren, Olivia, Ashleigh, Georgia, and shona.

Anonymous said...

I kinda hope Olivia doesn't get a spot in the floor lineup, sure for bars she deserves prime spot, but doesn't she have a SV of like 5.6 when the others are at 5.9, 5.9, 6.0, 6.1 and 6.3 on floor?

There'd be absolutely no point in putting Olivia up on floor. IMO the best lineup is have Lauren, Dasha, Shona and Ashleigh do AA, with Georgia VT, BB, FX and Olivia UB.

We really appreciate any updates. To be honest, I am relieved to hear the girls aren't being overworked, we don't want another Monette 04 situation or to get to Beijing exhausted and burnt out. Peaking is just so important.

Anonymous said...

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