Wednesday, July 16, 2008

From Canberra With Love

Awwwww.... lots of love in the WAG team training camp, and lots of fun in between training too.

DJ Sho-Mo got herself an interview at IG, hot on the heels of Georgia's interview; Dasha's latest column reveals a little bit more about training as well.

The girls are gaining themselves some valuable experience and knowledge, and I have full confidence that they'll be mentally AND physically prepared for a good showing in Beijing. They are learning how to relax, focus, and deal with any unexpected situation that arises. Most importantly, they are learning from the experiences of others - not just their teammates but from stage performers and past Olympians (such as Petria Thomas, below) as well.

The team appears to be gelling well, and this of course will be a significant factor in their Beijing performance when the time comes.

Go girls, and keep smiling!


Anonymous said...

one has to wonder about team dynamics given Emma's appeal - if it goes through successfully (which, in itself would be a massive IF, and counter-appeals would no doubt follow), another on the team would be relegated to reserve....certainly would not be conducive to the team...i wonder whether they are even aware of it or not. I think her only chance of being able to compete woul be injury to another team member. Have to wonder whether evidence which will be used in her case are the scores from the Oly trials

Anonymous said...

It appears that Emma Dennis has dropped her appeal.,27313,24028903-5016833,00.html

Looks like Olivia is going to Beijing afterall. I wish we new more about everything that's been going on since trials. Like scores rom trials, who lodged the appeal and why it was ended.

Honestly i would've preferred Emma on the team, but in the overall scheme of things it won't make that much difference. A lot of people are omplaining about not seeign Emma's floor in Beijing, but it wouldn't have been used over Georgia's anyway so it's a moot point. peggy chose Olivia's bars( inconsistent as they are) over Emma's vault. Deal with it people.

Let's all support the team and hope for the best Olympics ever.

nade00 said...

Amen to the last anonymous poster

Nik said...

I also agree with anonymous #2. Moving on!

Dasha is such a good and seemingly honest writer. And Im with her- when do the leotards arive???