Monday, July 21, 2008

Callers and Cricketers

Sunrise team member and YOUR POTENTIAL NEW BEST FRIEND, LOOK AT HOW SMILEY OUR HOSTS ARE AT THIS RIDICULOUS HOUR OF THE MORNING, KOCHIE AND MEL ARE EXACTLY LIKE PEOPLE THAT YOU KNOW, WOULDN'T IT JUST KILL YOU NOT TO BE BEST FRIENDS WITH THEM!? Simon Reeve is to be the assistant gymnastics commentator at the upcoming Olympic Games alongside the goddess of all that is good and wordly in gymnastics, Liz Chetkovich. So...prepare for slightly less banal chatter than in Athens, as apparently he did his research this time around. He at least knows, according to a Herald Sun flash quote today, that Lauren and Dasha and Ashleigh are strong individual all-around chances.

In other news, the WAG team is getting ready to flyyyyyyyyyyyy with more inspirational discussion sessions, this time from revered cricketer Steve Waugh and Olympic rower Kate Allen. They also went to the latest Cirque du Soleil premiere (have I already mentioned this?) and got the red-carpet and after-party treatment. They even got to meet some performers. So from dancers to acrobats to cricketers to rowers to swimmers to Paralympic skiiers, it looks like they're preparaing for all manner of unexpected situations and getting advice on this from all manner of sporting minds. Which is all very valuable indeed. Though what a French-Canadian contortionist dressed like an Amazonian rainforest viper and made up like a drunken Avon protegee turned Kabuki performer has anything to do with it, I'll never know.

"So, girls, when you're running full-pelt down that pitch, you've gotta--"
"You mean 'vault runway'?"
"...That's what I said..."

Image courtesy Ashleigh Brennan and the Victorian Women's High Performance Centre


chachakid said...

Gymnastics Australia updated with photo from Olivia Vivian's 19th birthday party -

the girls celebrated Olivia Vivian's 19th birthday with a 70's themed party. To bad the celebrations were interrupted by a fire alarm being set off by the birthday girl who chose to straighten her wet hair too close to a smoke detector. It is rumoured that it costs the AIS $1000 every time the alarm gets set off, as it can only be turned off by dispatching a team of fire-fighters

Mez said...

I read that today, hilarious stuff!

Poor Olivia, a new crazy circumstance for her blog!