Wednesday, October 5, 2011

2001 Worlds: WAG Training 4

Achtung achtung!

Brigid says Aussie WAGs hit the training hall again in approximately 4 hours. I'll update you as much as I can.

In the meantime, you can see new photos of Lauren and Maryanne in this gallery at Inside Gymnastics (thanks to the wonderful Grace Chiu).

3:36 AEDST
Brigid reports that Australia has started training beam in the Yoyogi arena. I suggest you 'like' Brigid The Couch Gymnast McCarthy at Facebook for a detailed report as the session unfolds.

Beam - All the girls recorded at least one fall, but generally improved upon repetition of skills. Brennan and Brown the best of the lot. Lauren having wolf turn, acro and switch ring difficulties. Mihai Brestyan and Marta Karolyi watched Lauren's routine.

Floor - Also shaky. Not altogether a write-off, but not as good as podium training. Mitchell serious issues with front layout.

Vault and Bars - the best apparatus on show today, going by B's brief notes. Everyone got through their routines okay but there are still some nerves on show. She says she will have a detailed report up tomorrow. I believe there was some visible distress on their faces.

Sorry to be so vague, everyone. I was writing this post in my last hour of work, then had to come home and try wrangling my modem (which, after much wringing of hands and cables, I have now done).

An extended podium training gallery by Brigid McCarthy can be seen here.

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