Monday, October 3, 2011

2011 Worlds: WAG Podium Training LIVE!!!

Australia stretch their legs again in approximately one hour's time.

(pic courtesy of Gymnastics Australia. Click for larger)

Edit: I'm following TCG and TGE's Facebook updates 6:00pm AEDST. I'm kind of amalgamating their observations so forgive me!

Australia is in the red and black leos from last Worlds and rocking that famous unified walk. Martine thoroughly sussed out the beam before the gymnasts had even marched out.

Beam: Good reviews for Brown.
Monckton one hand down on a flight series but got it the second time around. Mitchell sticks BHS -flic-layout. Came off on the ring leap but got it on another attempt. Little great double pike dismount. Brennan "very sure of herself... Australia is lucky to have this routine"! All signs point to good for our bogey apparatus!

Brennan warms up a full-in with a spot, adds a split jump afterward; 2.5 twist to sissone. Nice double tuck to finish. Also a double arabian in there? (Blythe is unsure)
Little stuck all her tumbles - tucked full in. Double tuck to good landing. 1.5 twist to double full twist. Double pike with a small hop. "Very good" says Blythe!
Monckton double tuck with a shuffle back. 2.5 twist to punch front, stag jump. Switch ring to tour jete full to tuck full. Double full to a high straddle jump [I am guessing she means pirouette?], double pike.
GRB her striking music with vocals. Double pike, had trouble controlling the landing. Front double full to single stag. Memmel turn? Brigid says "gorgeous" ring leap! 1.5 to front tuck to another single stag. Double tuck to end, a little low.
Brennan "huge" tuck full-in. Double tuck to stag. "Nice, just like a pro". Front layout, front lay full, sissone. Double pike slightly under-rotated and had to step forward.
Mitchell - whip to arabian to stag jump, earns a "WOW!", heehee. Crashed her 2.5 twist to front layout, tucking the layout and landing on her bum. Double wolf turn. Ends with double pike to split jump.
Miller double arabian to stag, stands it up. Front lay to double full. Double turn. Hands down on 2.5 twist at the end.
Chung - (we finally get a look at our exciting alternate!) Double pike to open, nice and high. Single wolf pirouette on floor. Punch front through to double full. Nearly lost it on double tuck at end.
Mitchell re-performs her 2.5 to front lay nicely. Miller re-does her 2.5 twist, first connected to a front tuck, then a front layout. Redid her full-in as well. Monckton practising her pirouettes.

Maryanne - Yurchenko full a little low.
Georgia Rose - Yurchenko full piked down slightly.
Ashleigh - Brigid says 'half on full off?' with one step to the side. Could this be her Tsuk 1.5?
Emily - Baitova with slightly bent legs, lands with one small step.
Lauren - Baitova, lost form a little in the air, landed in crouch.
Nikki - "Very nice" Yurchenko full
Mez VT2 - no indication of the vault (whether or not it was the Yurchenko again), deep landing. Brigid compares her style to that of snappy Swiss expert Kaeslin.
Georgia Rose VT2- Pikes the landing a little, has to jump back
Ash VT2 - "Great, one little step but very nice"
Emily VT2 - Better, nice and high Baitova
Mitchell VT2 - Very good, a bit low on landing.
Mez VT3 - "Totally stuck" Yurchenko full!
GRB VT 3- Same vault as last. Struggles with landing.
Ash VT3 - Near stick, one step to the side.

I am assuming they all did one vault three times...?
(EDIT: Brigid says yes, they all vaulted the same thing three times)


Ash is prepping the bars while the girls line up.

Little - neat but low jaeger. Stuck double layout dismount.
Monckton - caught shush and tkatchev, split legs on pak salto, lost it a little but kept going (banana back I guess?), small leg separation on DLO dismount but stuck it!
GRB - Low geinger but nice jaeger. Wonky stalder, giant half to double front with a spot.
Mitchell - Lot it on first pirouette, came off, remounted for just her double front dismount.
Miller - stalder, full turn to geinger good. Had to pause in her handstands a few times. Full twisting double off (Brigid is unsure about this).
Little - same as before, sticks DLO again. Messy feet on straddled moves.
Monckton - Lost her swing, walked away, did not reattempt.
GRB - Foot flexed in geinger, lost it in the giant after her jaeger and finished up there
Mitchell - Lost it again, on the first pirouette. Dismounted, is being coached about it.
Miller - repeated stalder, giant full, geinger "GREAT!", jaeger very high this time. Crouched a little on dismount.
Little - "Lost it, walked away".
Monckton - full routine. Hit shush, very high tkatchev. Same leg form on pak, haf to be spotted through full pirouette on low bar. Stuck DLO again but with low landing.
GRB - "Was doing really well but lost it on her upswing to high bar. She is back on and landed ok, just a couple of shuffle steps."
Mitchell - Straight to high bar. Did her jaeger. She did the rest of the routine but it was a little slow and slack, and she sat down her double front.
Miller - "Exquisite" giant full into her dismount, which was stuck.
As the music came up for the session to end, Lauren re-attempted her routine. Still a bit off, but landed her dismount to her feet.

Oh boy.

Hang in there, team, you can do it! We're all cheering for ya!


Anonymous said...

This is me: Refresh. Refresh. Refresh.

Anonymous said...

March out!

Anonymous said...

disappointed that mary-anne got rid of her 1 original pass, triple twist, in favour of a cookie cutter double tuck.

Anonymous said...

they were doing well until they got to bars, at least Larrissa us hitting her bars

Anonymous said...

Maybe ankles are troubling her (MAM, I mean)?

She was doing both triple AND double tuck at Nats.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like overall an all right day for our girls. I'm super pleased with their efforts and I think they can only get better now they've had a few tries on the equipment.
I think we are in for a promising worlds - all the girls seem fit and ready and seem to have worked hard in the lead up.
Best of luck team Oz!!

Anonymous said...

mez did triple twist at verification?

Anonymous said...

Yeah her triple at vics looked good, must be something wrong though.
Hopefully there are starting to settle in to the environment to calm the nerves

Anonymous said...

Triple at Nats was good too, in fact over-twisted if anything, definitely wasn't at risk of not getting credit.

Guessing she must be a bit sore. Glad they are playing it safe -- we can't afford an injury and Mary-Anne even more than most deserves to finally get to compete.

Still four days to quals, though, so still time to add it in.