Tuesday, October 4, 2011

2011 Worlds: WAG Training 3

Good morning, comrades!

Photo credit Brigid McCarthy

The Couch Gymnast has really come through for her fellow Aussies, staying for the rest of yesterday's podium training session when everyone else dashed off to cover the rockstars of Team USA. She has put up a nice photo gallery.

On the men's side, there is a GA update about their prospects here.

The ladies of team Aus are back in the training hall at 10:30AEDST so stay tuned!


Edit - Brigid says the Aussie team is not in the training gym. So she may have accidentally got the time wrong, or they've opted out like the USA did the other day. Either way, I will keep my ear to the ground and update once they're in action again. Many apologies!

If you would like a nice, detailed listed of who has been filmed and on which events thus far, check out the excellent directory here.

GA have made a sub-page for Tokyo news here and made the following remarks about the podium training session:

A number of highlights from the Podium session were:
  • Consistent performances from the whole team on our starting apparatus Beam
  • Numerous comments from the judges on our Artistry on Floor (many thanks to Stacey Umeh and Lisa Bradley)
  • Some fantastic vaulting performances - in particular from our 2/1 twisting Yurchenko athletes Emily Little and Lauren Mitchell
  • Larrissa Miller’s performance on Bars
  • Ashleigh Brennan’s leaps on floor
  • Mary-anne Monckton had an opportunity to show her 1/1 twisting Tkatchev
  • Georgia-Rose’s artistry and gracefulness on floor
  • Reserve Nikki Chung had an opportunity to gain experience on the World Championship Podium.

Tomorrow the girls will have a slightly lighter training session, and then begin their final preparations for Team qualification on Friday.

Unfortunately, I can't say much about the men's side except that they have had a training session in the Yoyogi stadium (training gym).


Anonymous said...

Hey, just wondering if you know where we can get live streaming or radio coverage? Any news on the Men's side would be greatly appreciated. Great article in the GA website about the Men's team.

Anonymous said...

I font think Monkton has a twisting tkatchev - did they mean the Monckton

Anonymous said...

It isn't incorrect though to describe it as a full twisting Tkatchev, it's just that it is a legs together version. Hopefully it will be called the Monckton after Friday, though!

Anonymous said...

Really?? Is she the first woman to compete a thatchev with legs together? Is this a skill in men'as high bar?

Anonymous said...

It's a piked tkatchev full or a piked Shushunova. The name is deceptive though because it's not a relase move with a full twist, it's more like a half turn immediate Khorkina if that makes any sense. Monckton does it with her legs together whereas Shushunova did it straddled. Monckton did do the straddled version in 2009. A piked tkatchev has been around for awhile, Produnova was doing it in Sydney for instance.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I was thinking I'd seen a piked thatchev before. Thanks for the explanation! Not up on all the skills these days!

Anonymous said...

If It has been done before and has a name, then why will it be named after MAM?

Anonymous said...

A piked Shushonova hasn;t been done by anyone else before.

Anonymous said...

Ive seen mens pics that Tom has uploaded.

Anonymous said...

It is definitely a piked shushonova

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Aus Gym Blog and the Couch Gymnast! The photos are awesome! Not long now.....