Sunday, October 16, 2011

2011 Worlds: EF LIVE!!!

From approximately 5:30pm as the floor final kicks off.

Lauren was training on the podium in the black and purple prelims leotard, accompanied by Peggy.

Try here for a livestream:

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5:52pm AEDST

After men's p-bars and a perplexing series of Brazilian ads, here come the ladies!

Lauren definitely in black and purple.


Here she goes!

GREAT double arabian to stag. slight shuffle on piked full in but kept it in. Great 2.5 to front lay, slightly low changement out of it. Sells the choreo! Nice double pike with sissone. She worked in two extra jumps before the end post, hope it helps her!

GOES INTO FIRST PLACE WITH 6.3/14.733 - GA reports she actually missed a skill? Didn't look like it to me, might've been a dance element, and explains why she and Peggy stood with a pad and pen after the routine and Lauren rattled off what she performed.

... after a tense final in which the first five performers were all toppling eachother, Lauren finishes a very admirable 5th. Onya Loz! You can still hold your own with the best of them!


Anonymous said...

If you change it to full screenthe adds should disappear.

Mez said...

Ah yes. That too. ;)

Anonymous said...

However sometimes when you put it fullscreen it freezes!

Anonymous said...

I keep getting a 'server' problem. Gathering that's my internet not the link?

Anonymous said...

Improvised the crap out of that! Smart on her feet

Anonymous said...

ahhh as every competitor competes, the score get higher! loz needed to go last like last year!

Anonymous said...

looks like she just comes short of a medal... such a shame. wasn't her championships this year but hey... Olympics is the big one.

nade00 said...

well done Lauren...have to say I am thrilled for Afanasyeva winning...she deserved it!

Anonymous said...

Considering it wasn't her best routine, in terms or landings and leaps out of them I'm quite pleased with 5th. What was really impressive was seeing Lauren do the additional leap series. So many gymnasts miss an EGR and aren't able to improvise, Mattie Larson for instance.

I am absolutely thrilled for Ksenia so it makes Lauren's not medalling seem less bad. Cute moment when Lauren congratulated her.

Anonymous said...

American fans are bashing Lauren for her "cover up" on wwgym. It's like they have forgotten all about Mattie Larson and how hard they were on her last year for not improvising. That was some seriously quick thinking - imagine trying to work out what you were going to do while still performing your routine. Amazing! It makes me wonder whether there was a plan b for just this kind of occurrence. Well done Lauren - and also pleased Afan hit and won - she is lovely. Can't wait for the videos to come in.

Anonymous said...

She wouldn't have had a plan B already but as soon as she didn't make the split full she would have realised she needed to do something else. Very quick thinking, very impressive.
She also would have had to remember she cant just re-do her series and that she had to substitute the change ring for a regular old change leg.
Go Loz!

Anonymous said...

Yes it was very impressive, and she didn't even. really break form. So impressed with Lauren -- that is the sor of gymnast you want on your team; someone who will get the job done no matter what.

Anonymous said...

how it 5th hanging with the best of them? she got lucky one yr and suddenly ppl making her out to be top gymnast in flash. she's not..not even same league as gymnast's from china, usa, russia

Anonymous said...

How can you say that Anon at 1:51pm? Lauren got the highest score on floor twice (AA and team finals) and bar for her fall on beam in the AA she would have come 4th? I'm pretty sure that puts her up there amongst the best gymnasts in the world. Pull your head in!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't agree with anon 1:51 comment but people say is Lauren didn't fall on beam in AA then she would have come fourth but only 3 out of the top 8 didn't fall, so if you going to say if Lauren didn't fall then she would have come fourth then you really have to say what if Raisman, Afan etc didn't fall then they probably still finish ahead of Lauren.
In saying that Lauren is great on beam and floor and is great for the team. I really hope she is fully fit for Olympics next year and has a shot at a medal. but unfortunately for Lauren her bars are really too weak for her to contend for a medal in AA but doesn't mean she can't on beam and floor.

Anonymous said...

I think Lauren has done a fantastic job! She had the presence of mind to add those leaps at the end after missing one earlier in her routine and all done on two very sore ankles. She deserves our congratulations and respect for a job well done.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 1.51 Lauren also got 2 silvers the year before so you are completely out of line. Are you Australian? Cause as an Aussie that's a shite thing to say when this sport needs building and promoting in this country

Mez said...

Anon 1:51 I think making the floor final at three consecutive world championships (and ranking in the top 5 at said consecutive championships) is certainly not to be sniffed at.

I don't want to have to say it again... don't go spoiling for a fight.

Go Lauren said...

I second annonamous 730pm.

If you want to say that lauren would have came 4th minus a fall, you have to factor in everyone else's falls too.

Knowing peggy, she would have a plan BCDE....Z! she is one organised woman and FANTASTIC coach!

Lauren is a great gymnast, its just the poor consistency in do-or-die moments which is killing her.

I'm sure she is working hard at it. And i really hope that she can push through and work on the consistency. because at the moment, the only thing holding her back is herself!

Anonymous said...

You guys are mean. We treat Lauren like she is perfect and all our hopes are in her and she does a pretty good job bringing it!
She is awesome. London 2012!!

Anonymous said...

It seems like everyone is forgetting that Lauren was injured before worlds and did not have a good preparation.

So I think she did extremely well, given the circumstances.
Welcome Lauren and the rest of the Australian Team

Anonymous said... know what I don't get?

It's ok to criticize new recruits on a footy team when they miss a kick.

It reaches national news when a cricketer drops a ball

It's a right of passage to bad mouth opposing teams when sitting in a crowd

If Ian Thorpe had stuffed up his swimming technique by accident seconds before the end of a race, spectators would be outraged

....... But it's not ok to criticize gymnasts when they make a blunder?

If we all want more recognition and coverage of our sport, then they gymnasts ARE going to be up for more criticism! Aussies love to cheer success and criticize failure- it's what we do!
Yes gymnasts are young- but we are not the only sport that young athletes participate in......and everyone believes their sport is the hardest in the world.

Just a thought

Anonymous said...

Lauren wasn't even sure if she was going to compete at all! She said so herself in her interview, so I think she has done a fantastic effort to have the results she did with injury!

Anon at 9.29, this sport actually IS the hardest sport in the world. Everyone can kick a football or run around a track - they might suck, but they can still do it.

But if you went out and made every single person you knew try and do any of the skills in any gymnast's routine, they wouldn't be able to do it! So anons, you go out there and do what they are doing at an international level so we can put YOU down. Just to see how you like it.

Anonymous said...

To annon 9:25

I think the big difference between cricket and footy and gymnastics is those people have hugh financial rewards for playing in those teams. When you receive a financial return you should be expected to show results. This is the same for anyone who currently works. Don't perform and you no longer have a job.
I believe that most of these gymnasts in Australia are actually paying to do gym. Yes they are receiving some funding but I am sure if you ask any of the parents they are still funding part of their gym. I am sure even Lauren's parents are paying for some of her gymnastics.
If these girls where receiving the same renumeration as the football or cricket players then I believe they can be open to the same rules.

Anonymous said...

Hear Hear Anon at 5:01!