Friday, October 7, 2011

2011 Worlds: WAG Qualification Preamble

Today's the day!

(Godjira t-shirt by Bad hair by self & bad hairdresser)

Australia's session is in a little over an hour's time. GAH!

I will be cross-posting quick hits here, but if you'd like to follow along without having to put up with me, the people of the gymblogs below will be updating live, as they have been all day:

The All-Around (plus live scores here)
The Gym Examiner

as well as Fulltwist Gymnastics Blog, Brigid The Couch Gymnast McCarthy and The All Around at Facebook.

I already have 4 windows open, I expect to have several more once the session starts!

(If you'd like to kill some time, GA has put up an update from men's podium training, including some routines filmed by Gymnastike. And, it might interest you to know, our own Peggy Liddick took part in the Coaches' Pledge read before competition started today!)

(They have also updated about Worlds broadcast dates on Fox Sports. Yahooo!)

(They further report that vault warmup looks good, as do the new leos! HOMG YOU GUISE IT'S TENSE)

(Super tense... THUNDER JUST STARTED OUTSIDE! And rain! Do not waaaaant.)

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