Monday, October 10, 2011

2011 Worlds: MAG Qualification Post-Mortem

Unfortunately, the team missed qualifying slots for the team final and the test event.

HOWEVER! Fortunately! Happily! All is not lost!

Prashanth Sellathurai, as has been hotly tipped, made it into the pommel horse final, to be contested later in the week. GB darling Louis Smith and stalwart Kristian Berki will encounter our pint-sized superstar once again. You probably don't need reminding that individual medallists automatically qualify to London 2012.


On the media front, an article is here and you can see unwatermarked press photos here.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mez! There are 2 articles on the herald sun website in the sports section under Olympics, both have Georgia rose brown pictured. Thought you might like to know.

Anonymous said...

We feel for this team. They worked so hard, through all their injuries, with little media coverage and support. they gave it their all. We wish them all the best.

Go Prasshy!!!
We are with you all the way - whatever happens you are a superstar.

Mez said...

Thanks anon 7:42. Do the media not even google properly!? One article has Lauren as a beardy bloke and one as another teammate!