Friday, October 7, 2011

2011 Worlds: WAG Qualification LIVE!!!

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Brigid says "purple shiny leos"!



Little: front, turn in tuck stand, free walkover – ff – layout, CL leap, tuck back, stuck double pike 13.533

Brown: Two for two! Small wobble as well (on side somi) but stays on.
Switch, back tuck. Full turn with leg at head, turns an extra quarter turn but OK. Front aerial, bhs, layout, probably not connected, but smooth enough and no wobbles. Side aerial. Side somie. Roundoff, double full, small hop. 13.266 had a long wait for score.

Monckton: HITS!!! side somi. front aerial. switch+back pike. L turn good. switch 1/2 shy 180+back pike wobble. Dbl pike. (Brigid said her aerial combo was "insanely good"!) 14.166 YAY MEZ YAY YAY YAY

Brennan: front aerial+switch leap+gainer layout, cool! switch 1/2+back tuck. side somi. switch ring. bhs lay wobble. aerial. dbl pike 14.125 the team goes 4 for 4!

Mitchell: Absolutely NO pressure on Loz, of course! bhs+bhs+2ft lay. split+wolf. Mitchell turn wow. switch 1/2 not 180+back pike. front aerial+switch leap "splits the beam!!" (oh no!)comes right back with standing front tuck though, almost like it was nothing. Two bhs to double pike, a little low. 14.033

Lauren's warmed-up piked full in to sissone has a good review from Gymnastike. Fingers crossed we can make up ground on floor!

Little: Great full in. Bounce back out of dble back (Brigid corrects this to say full in?). Dble turn-okay, fell sideways a little. Sticks dble twist. Leaps not quite split. Peggy clapping her through last pass. Dble pike, one small jump back. Pretty good! 13.1

Brown: dbl pike. Perfect Memmel turn! 1.5+front tuck+gorgeous stag. Tall, elegant gymnast. dbl tuck bounced back & hands down 12.500

Miller: Good reviews from sources. "IG says: triple turn, tuck Arabian double front to leap, layout front to double twisting front, tuck front full to layout front full to leap, 2 1/2 that barely finished with the music--Again a very clean routine--These ladies look really prepared for this, and they look healthy--5.4/13.60"

Brennan: full in. double tuck+stag. handspring+front full a tad low. stuck double pike and a delayed scissone jump. nice routine. Also 13.600

Mitchell: Again... no pressure! Blythe says: "Lots of "come on, Loz!" from Aussies around the arena. She's got to be Whip to Arabian double front with single stag out, good. But then puts one foot OOB on full in pike. Recovers well with good 2.5 to front layout. She's an interesting dancer -- at times her movements are very fluid, while at others they don't seem so much. Double pike to a little split jump -- that one didn't really work." Scores 14.391, second highest so far.

Monckton: FTY one step back. 13.466

Brown: FTY nearly stuck. 13.633

Brennan: Tsuk full 5.2/13.766

Little: Baitova with a jump back. 14.533

Mitchell: Baitova with a crouched landing. 14.3

Little: toe on toe off blind to Jaeger, toe on toe off full, double layout dismount (good landing) 13.566

Monckton: Successfully did The Monckton!One intermediate swing on bars -- had to kip off and re kip to handstand on low bar. Good double layout dismount. Only 12.500 though!?

"Full turn to Geinger, excellent. Jaeger, very good! She has been so impressive today. Lovely bail to toe hecht and good dismount!" 13.600

Mitchell: stalder blind to Jaeger, toe on toe off full, toe one toe off blind to double front STUCK COLD--13.60

Miller: Also hits! Inside stalder full to Gienger, inside stalder blind to Jaeger, stalder full to immediate tuck full twisting double--14.30--A very nice routine swung very well

Brigid reports the team have gone into a huddle. Mitchell overall AA score 56.324, second behind Romania's Haidu so far.

Onya girls. No beam or bars falls. Be proud, and fingers crossed you make finals!


Anonymous said...

Good Luck Girls!!!

Anonymous said...

any live stream? thanks

Anonymous said...

The new leo looks great, nice colour!

Mez said...

No word on a stream yet.

Anonymous said...

Very nice leos...but I still disagree with purple - it is just so unAustralian! That leo would look great in green...or maybe blue (like our flag) but purple.....nah - I also don't think purple is a oclour that suits many people. But we all know Peggy likes it....and yes, we've had so many debates about the colour of leos I know!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for your reports!

Anonymous said...

If you look at the 2 per country rule. MAM is sitting in third and ash 4th for beam.... pretty unlikely to stay that way but nice to know they are there for now :)

Anonymous said...

Finally a hit team compeition - feels like a long time since that has happened!! Only one fall on floor and a weird fall I guess from Lauren on beam (if she grabbed the apparatus)??

Anonymous said...

No one anywhere near Larissa's 14.3 on bars. Closest is Ven. Lopez with 13.966.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but all the big hitters tomorrow on bars. :(

Anonymous said...

Would be such shame if she were to go from first and just be outside finals again like last year. Hope she can make it!

Anonymous said...

Anyone know where we are in the team standings? Tried to log on to International gymnast magazine online but couldn't get on - I guess too many people are trying to access.

Also, do worlds work out/release team standings for each apparatus? eg. As a team Australia is ranked 4th in the world on beam (for example)?

Anonymous said...

A treat for you!!

Larissa on bars up already.

Lauren on floor

Thank you FIG

Anonymous said...

Which comp gets them into apparatus final?

Anonymous said...

Team standings after subdivision 4

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.15 today's comp is qual for everything - team, AA and apparatus. Lauren and Emily should qualify for AA and Lauren might (I hope) scrape into floor finals and Larrissa might make bars but the big one is top 8 for team finals and qual for 2012 - I think they did enough - I hope so!

Anonymous said...

How many go through to AA and App Finals, I know only 2 per country, but how many all together.

Anonymous said...

I have to say, great effort for Monckton on her first worlds outing! Girl you on fire!!

Anonymous said...

The other big news is that Monckton competed her skill and didn't fall on it so I believe that if she's submitted it for naming it will now be known as 'The Monckton'.

Anonymous said...

top 24 go through for AA

Anonymous said...

I noticed that Monckton's bars was credited 0.5 lower that usual -5.4 v 5.9 that she gets usually. Possibly they didn't credit the piked shushunova at all. I know there was talk of Peggy protesting her score.

Anonymous said...

MAM did an extra giant swing in between her toe-full and her Monckton, so no connection bonus.