Thursday, October 13, 2011

2011 Worlds: WAG AA

Hi all,

I am writing this as I've dashed in the door and am about to dash out again.

Unfortunately the BBC stream won't work for me tonight with Stealthy so I don't know what to do (not that i can hang around to watch anyway) so chat amongst yourselves and share if you find one.

I'm going to miss most of the competition but hopefully I'm back before the end.

Just saw

Emily BB 13.566
Mitchell laboured bars, 13.133

BYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE *dashes leaving a Mez-shaped dustcloud*


Lauren finishes 8th, congrats Loz! With a phenomenal floor score to boot! This is the 3rd world championships at which she's placed 10th or higher, smashing job. Emily finished in 23rd.

Sounds like it was a bit of a fall-fest! Maybe I'm glad I wasn't home to follow it after all!

For anyone who didn't see streams (and I include myself), this was the leotard:


Anonymous said...

Aus girls in a black leo with pink stripey bits. Much better than team finals, but that goes without saying.

Full Twist said...

This might work for you Mez

Anonymous said...

thanks for the link, how do u get rid of the ads on top?

Anonymous said...

Way to go LOz! So sad she is not in floor final.She would bring home the gold again!

Anonymous said...

Loved the Leo this time!
So Aussies are all done now. Maybe some sight seeing since there are no more finals for them. What a shame.

Anonymous said...

Once again Lauren has the highest floor score of the night. I am stil holding out hope that she'll get to compete in finals.

The real story from tonight will be the Wiber/Komova situation...

Anonymous said...

Once again Lauren has the highest floor score of the night. I am stil holding out hope that she'll get to compete in finals.

The real story from tonight will be the Wiber/Komova situation...

Anonymous said...

congrats aussie girls so proud of ya! a top 24 finish is amazing

Anonymous said...

What Wieber/Komova situation?

Anonymous said...

Thank you posting a pic of the leo, i've been looking for one all night!! it looks like the same design as they already have except this time all the swirls are pink. ppl might think i'm strange but the more i look at the TF leo i actually like it, but i just don't understand why for prelims and TF they don't wear green and gold, even the TF leo design would have looked ok in green and gold! I'm always curious about leos, does anyone know why we've never seen the green/gold and pink/purple comm games and world champs from last year again. i'm pretty sure they wore them for prelims and TF at both and then we never saw them again?

Anonymous said...

They wore the pink/black from last year for podium training.

Robin said...

Haven't had a chance to watch (competition was awful early in the US and I don't do mornings!). Did Loz fall on beam? Regardless, congrats to her for a top-8 finish and pulling out what sounds to be a fantastic floor routine!

Now, about that the green/gold/white and pink/purple/black versions, but this one is just not doing it for me. Too much pink.

Anonymous said...

Aussie girls did so well!

Lauren nearly (or did) hit her face on her Jaeger, so she did really well to keep any sort of rhythm going at all.

Beam was pretty perfect APART from the fall.

Floor was the best I have ever seen her do. Seriously, she hit EVERYTHING and looked so professional and focussed. Highest floor score of the competition!

Vault was an improvement on yesterday, nice height but a bit underrotated.

Emily ROCK solid first two events, really comfortable looking.

Made a nice warm-up vault but didn't get a great push in competition.

Bars were solid too -- she definitely looks ready to upgrade now.

So glad to see both of these girls competing at all, too, after Lauren's ankle injury in the lead-up and Emily not even being able to compete at Nationals. A FANTASTIC performance!

The whole crowd thought Komova was the winner after her floor, the very knowledgable crowd was cheering her as the winner and there was an audible gasp when the score came up.

Very interesting comp!

Am uploading vids now, sorry about the quality but I had to be SUPER sneaky about it. Security was even stopping people from taking STILL camera photos after the presentations were over.

Overall, this has been a fantastic comp for our girls -- I'm so happy with how they have performed, especially in achieving our number one goal of Olympic qualification!

Prashanth in a couple of days, too. :)


Anonymous said...

Full Twist Gymnastics Blog are reporting on Facebook this morning that Diana Bulimar from Romania is injured and has withdrawn from floor final. If this is the case then Lauren as first reserve will be able to attempt to defend her title! I wouldn't wish injury on anyone but I can't help hoping this is true after seeing Lauren's floor score from last night. It is the highest floor score so far in the whole meet so surely she'd be in with a chance to win Gold again!

Anonymous said...

Apparently the Romanian Gymnastics Federation have confirmed on their website that Bulimar is injured & out of floor finals. What a fantastic opportunity for Lauren!

Anonymous said...

Yay so happy for Lauren. Go get em girl!!! (sad for Diana though)

Anonymous said...

The injury is confirmed but the withdrawal is not. Sounds like they are playing it by ear. Really wish she would protect her from her injury.