Friday, June 19, 2009

Vive La Resistance!

Are YOU related to, or associated with, an Olympian?
Are YOU frustrated with the limited coverage the 7 Network gave us last August?
Are YOU unsure of where to find your sister's/daughter's/charge's/niece's historic performances from 2008?
Are YOU looking for full routines captured from somewhere that wasn't the stands?
Are YOU wishing to avoid the long download times that come with trying to view them?



I believe more will be on their way, I realise there are some omissions here.

Catch them quick before certain television networks pull out their Men In Black memory beam thingies and wipe away every trace.

*fixes miner's helmet on head and goes back to digging underground tunnel with teaspoon*


Anonymous said...

Thanks Mez, love your work!

Anonymous said...

I like how they have the extra bits after the routine where you hear them talking. The AA leotard was a bit ordiniary.

Mez said...

It's from the NBC Olympics web feed, where the camera was left rolling during touch warmups and after routines, great stuff.

I am amazed this user hasn't had their stuff deleted yet. I have all of this footage downloaded to my desktop (prelims, TF and two rotations of AA) but can't get any of it onto YouTube because of copyright; NBC wipes them the moment they are processed to my YT account after uploading. So I am very grateful for this particular YT user!