Sunday, June 21, 2009

WAGadelic, Baby - We've Lost our MelJo

According to an Oregon State insider, Beaver-to-be Melanie Jones will NOT be trying out for our London Worlds team before heading to college. Her plan is to, "try to arrive this summer with the rest of the incoming Freshman for the BRIDGE program and not attempt to make the World Championships".

Best of luck, Mel, if this is truly what you're pursuing. Hope you enjoy yourself in your new environment and do your new team proud.


Anonymous said...

It looks like she's really commited to OSu and it's not just a "my gymnastics career is over" move because she would have been a chance for worlds as a vault specialist. Especially with this years depleted field. All the best to her. I'm sure Olivia will be a great support for her.

this oculd be the start of a whole new wave of oz gymnasts persuing the sport into the collegiate system. OSU seems to like what they've seen so far, it's only a matter of time before we hear more girls going over.

W.A state championships are this weekend. I believe Lauren competed yesterday. Any news on how she went? Scores? Especially her D scorez for BB and FX?

Mikhayla said...

Lauren was the only senior WA gymnast competing at the State Champs. I don't know results from this weekend, but at the Winter Challenge earlier this month she had a 53.700 as her highest AA score on the second day. She has 6.8 D score on beam and competed with a 5.3 D score on floor. She also had a 5.5 as her D score for bars.

Anonymous said...

Lauren had a fall on beam and a score of 13.4 at States yesterday. I missed the D Scores (they were flashed too quickly) so you'll need to wait for the results to go up. She had a fall on bars also (as did many on the night). She had a 13.25 on Floor with a fairly clean performance. Sorry I didn't get the D scores. Her AA was 52.8. She did a flip, flip layout connected and rock solid on beam ( I think that is new?) and flip, flip, double pike dismount. I can't remember where the fall was but I think it may have been somewhere after a leap series. All the acro looked great. Can't wait for Nationals!

Anonymous said...

It's shame Lauren fell but it is probably only a fairly new routine so she should improve. She was injured earlier in the year, wasn't she? so her floor should hopefully improve too. Australians seem to have a problem with bars at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Lauren fell, but not badly (not in the middle of anything difficult). She still looked great, she is in fantastic shape and I think she will do very well at Australian Championships. The bars fall was in a handstand full turn (I'm not sure what it is called - just a clueless parent!) and she caught all her releases and stuck her dismount. I didn't mean to suggest that she didn't do well. On the contrary, I think the scores she got were quite good considering there were some falls. Scores generally seem to be low compared to last year. Is that the new code?

Anonymous said...

The scores are lower because of the new code but the fact it is now a post olympic year and last year was an olympic year I think is also going to make them lower. By the sounds of it Lauren is doing as well as any of the seniors right now. I hope she does well on beam at worlds.

Anonymous said...

Scores will be lower everywhere now with the new code. First of all they are only counting the top 8 elements into the difficulty score on each apparatus instead of 10. So say they did two D's thats 0.8 they will be losing.

Also scores will be lower because on beam and floor they can count a maximum of 5 acro skills and a minimum of 3 dance skills. Most dance skills are only A, B or C's. On floor there are no D's except a few turns. So their start value's will suffer there too.

It is also a deduction of a full 1.0 for a fall now instead of 0.8.

Between all of this all international scores are going to be lower than before.

Anonymous said...

Which mnakes it even more amazing that Lauren got a 6.8 D score. i hope to see it soon to see what she actually does.

that video has her old routine at a 7.1 but I don't think she ever was intending for the whip to be credited as a layout, or at least i don't think it ever was. thaty alone dorps her score to 6.8 and when you facot in that her switch ring was most likely downgraded then it becomes a 6.7 which is the D score she mostly competed last year when she got all of her series counted, the firnt aerial front tuck combo here was better than usual.

So for Lauren to actually have added .1 to her routine's difficulty when you lose 2 skills this code boggles the mind.