Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Vics: Club Round-Up

Get the proud perspectives of participating clubs at the following links-

MLC Gymnastics (love those photos!)

Waverley Gymnastics Centre

PIT Gymnastics

Box Hill Gymnastics Club

Balance Gymnastics

There are a few more to be updated, including MLC and the High Performance Centre.

Detailed results can be found at Gymnastics Victoria.


Alan said...

I do sometimes wonder if anyone looks at the results online, so it's nice to find out that someone does, and I should keep updating them :)

I'm glad you enjoyed your weekend, and trust you slept well Monday night.

Anonymous said...

Of course we look at the results on line - it's almost impossible to get all the results any other way!

Anonymous said...

That's a real shame, since it seems like heaps of our athletes haven't qualified or trialled yet.

-Breanah McArthur
-Karina Brooks
-Chantelle Turnbull
-Ashlee Rodman
-Katie Wurth

Anonymous said...

to 1:44 all those girls apart from karina have quit. quite a shame.

Anonymous said...

o sorry and katie*

Anonymous said...

to anon @ 7:02/3

Do you know if Katie and Karina will be at nationals? And Bridget Beattie? I really liked her when I saw her compete last year.