Monday, June 22, 2009

Paintin' Their Nails, Talkin' About Girls...

The NSW Gymnastics Sports Management Committee has taken an interesting, wordy approach to men's Nationals this year. They've strived to make their state MAG contingent more cohesive and confident before hitting Brisbane. I wonder if such an idea has ever (or often) been undertaken by other states in the past.

When you bring a group of athletes together for the first time and expect them to all work together without knowing each other that well, it can lead to some interesting outcomes.
This is true. Not everyone has a clubmate or other familiar face with them to compete in the same division, let alone the same competition.

Solution - slumber party in the gym!

NSW gymnasts in Level 6 U/12 and Level 7 U/13 all stayed in camp overnight at the Sydney Academy of Sport with the NSW team of chaperones as many of them have not been away from home without their parents, so this was an important part of their preparation. The rest of the squad came in on the Sunday for team training which was held at the Northern Beaches Gymnastics Club.
The outcome of the weekend was rewarding and beneficial on so many levels to which NSW will continue with their camp based team weekend and look to work collectively to grow the sport.

The approach is was dubbed an address of the issues, "Teamwork and Formularisation".

I repeat: formularisation.

I repea--nah, too many syllables.

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