Saturday, June 6, 2009

Vics Day 1

Oh, hello there. Don't mind me, sitting her in my PJ's eating some toast. I am a very, very, very tired blogger.

Last night's session ran an hour overtime but be glad I'm not a gym parent because I'd probably be less inclined to give the event staff the benefit of the doubt (hell, I AM one of the event staff) and this would be one vitriolic entry. But it's not going to be. Das blog ist liebe.

Anyway. I'm doing six things at once right now, one of which is typing my scrawled notes from last night. It was the National Levels 7 and 9 WAG and Level 7 Open, 7 Under and 8 Open MAG competition last night.

Briefly -

Waverley beat MLC for the WAG 9 title (vice versa for Level 7), which was no surprise. The girls rocked some big skills (double tuck on floor, front aerial to side somi on beam) and pretty much looked like they owned the place form the moment they walked in. I should know - I was on the accreditation desk.

I couldn't watch much of the men as I was sitting nearer floor and beam. Pommel, high bar and vault were quite far from me and even then attention was on the girls. Oh yes, spectators: Men's and women's events run IN THE SAME ARENA AT THE SAME TIME. If you ever you wanted to ask Santa for extra eyes, now's your moment. I can tell you that pommel and high bar, from what I saw in stolen glances, were a little disappointing.

The Collister twins are more vibrantly ginger than they appear in photos. I checked them in after a slight delay. They weren't too happy - then again, after the kerfuffle of getting all the gymnasts into the arena, then out (to check in) and then in again, I'm not surprised.

John Hart: Seriously. Have you never EVER appeared in a David Jones catalogue? Really? What a travesty.

Tonight will see the Int'l 10's, seniors and juniors so I hope I get to spend some time at the accreditation centre to celeb-spot. VIP's expected to be in attendance include Athens and Sydney Olympians who... I don't think I'm at liberty to name just yet.

I really have to go now and keep typing this notes. Check out the GV website for results and press releases which yours truly will have a hand in. You'll spot them. They'll be the ones with the header, "Thorpey reckons this press release is fully sick!"


Anonymous said...

Hello Mez. Did you enjoy your time there? Thanks yet again for your version of reporting from last night, l might just add my own.

We usually look forward to Vics as it is held in a wonderful venue with plenty of seating for great viewing, with a great announcer and on past experiences has run well.
Last night was not so good. Small computer malfunctions with the displaying of scores were eventually corrected, however the biggest concern was the length of last nights session.
The poor gymnasts were just finishing competing at 11.30pm after having to complete a whole day at school first, many of those who had to be at school for exams. Beginning warming up at 5.30 and finishing that late was too much IMO.
Even more so was the gymnasts being made to continue standing during the long award ceremony. They were all so tired by that time of night and tried to sit down on the floor during the presenting of medals only to to be told to stand back up from an official who was comfortable sitting on his own backside!
Although it is a great having the MAG & WAG together, maybe having that many different levels on at the same time (2 spares)is where it went wrong and what contributed to the terribly late finish.

I feel for all those who have had to back up again at 7 this morning.

Briefly to the competition side of things-
As you said, No surprise in Waverley taking out the WAG 9 Team title. You wouldn't expect anything less after they all were competing the same level for the 2nd year in a row. Some mighty big skills there. Very nice! The MLC girls did a great job. Was good seeing what skills the NZ girls and the Tassie girl were doing.
WAG level 8, didn't have a team title, not one team at all in this level, low on numbers this year. Good work from the Geelong girls. Level 7 saw some great skills from the MLC girls.
I too didn't get to see much of the MAG, was more interested in the WAG side of things although l did see a couple of good HB routines.
I think it's going to be a very long weekend.

Anonymous said...

Amazing skills by the little girl from Niddrie who easily took out the Level 7 title.Awesome little gymnast.