Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Breaking News: Morgan Out, Miller In!

Omgz you guys. Shona Morgan's, like, way intelligent and in touch with her scholastic side 'n' whatever. She's just like Tina Fey.


Shona Morgan has withdrawn(!) her invitation to the Japan Cup, her slot will go to Queensland's Larissa Miller(!!). Shona cites her reason as the competition clashing with a school exam(!!!). Good on you, darl. Way to make a tough decision. Way to prioritise. Wait til you hit university, where getting your work done comes before everything - breathing, eating and sleeping in particular.

We love ya, Sho-Mo. Ace that test then come back and kick arse!!!

*ahem again*

And good luck, Larissa on your first big international assignment!


nade00 said...

I am really happy for Larrissa - she has some really good skills, and last year was doing a 6.6UB, she just needs to get it together in the consistency department. I think she also has a double front on floor and a front double twist.

It 's just so nice to see some other girls get assignments, it's not like they work any less hard and they deserve rewards too.

Anonymous said...

Great news for Larrissa, but but but - isn't she injured?

Like nade00 I hope Larrissa can get it together in the consistency department. She is great to watch (love her lines) but inconsistency has been known to let her down.

Anonymous said...

Cool opportunity for someone with such an awesome name :)

And yeay Shona, got her priorities right, at a good time.

She really is creeping up to Tina Fey status for me too Mez, and I was never a Shona fan!