Saturday, June 6, 2009

Vics Day 2

Due to working on media releases I missed most of the Levels 3-6 today. I snuck in and caught a bit but sadly not enough to do an entry on.


IDP 10's, Juniors and Seniors:

I missed most of rotation 2 because I had to do a task so I'm pretty sure I missed Waverley on bars. I only recall seeing Georgia's routine before ducking out...

I have taken a few videos and photos but don't have time to upload until the event is over. Sorry.

MistySakura should have some YouTube fabulousness up in the coming days so stay tuned.

I did not stay to see/hear results because it was 11:30pm and the last MAG rotation wasn't over. I had to get home.

I "checked in" Georgia and Shona at the front desk, they were friendly. Georgia said 'thanks' when I said 'lots of fans are wishing you luck tonight... believe me, there are lots of them!' I unfortunately didn't get to say as much to Shona.

Zoe Lorenzin was off with a minor (not to detract from the fact that it's a bad situation) injury.

Amber Fulljames is still teeny tiny and smiley as ever. Unfortunately she didn't have the best night, with falls on beam and floor (new routine, too). Peggy was working hard with the Waverley and QLD girls tonight, particularly on beam and floor. She was really helping Amber and Amaya prep for beam and consoling after falls.

Spotted in crowd: Ash Brennan, Steph Moorhouse, Karen Nguyen.

Shona and Georgia are Victoria's dynamic duo. They're great (save for an uncharacteristic floor fall from ShoMo). As they warmed up for beam they did a little fist bump/handshake and my mind immediately reeled at what we should call them, using a combination of their names. The best my brain came up with was either Team Shorgia or Team Bogan. A bit wrong on both counts, I think.

Cute moment - Amber passes by Georgia on beam warm up, G-Bo gives a fake death glare and "I'm. Watching. You." gesture (think Meet The Parents).

Britt rocked floor (no double arabian) and beam (2.5 twist dismount, no rulfova); Tierra proved shaky once again on beam but still shows promise; Georgia W, Alex and Amelia of MLC showed they're ones to watch (double tucks on floor and off bars if I remember correctly, smashing stuff), Grips girlies have great planche mounts, and CAN SOMEONE CONFIRM IF THAT WAS A YURCHENKO DOUBLE THAT SHONA COMPETED!? I thought my eyes might be deceiving me (it had been a long day after all... there's only so long one can spend in front of a computer screen... I'm glad I'm not a scorer this weekend!)

There were some nasty high bar falls tonight from the men, and when I stole a glance at pommel it didn't look super encouraging either. Several guys went for layout-full dismounts or double-doubles on HB and crashed very badly. One missed what was going to be a spectacular laid out kovacs, another boosted spirits with a caught kovacs. Mixed bag for the fellas tonight. Maybe more luck in event finals!

Aaaaaaaaaaaanyway it's 1am . *collapse on keyboard and snore*


Anonymous said...

Is anything on youtube yet of the Victorian Championships?

Wolfie said...

Hee, re. your wordy and very stimulating 'conversation' with Peggy. Too funny. :-)

Anonymous said...

Briefly from tonight:

Amber and Emma Collister have double arabians on floor.

Shona has added a shaposhnikova on bars.

Britt hit a beautiful beam routine

Amaya King Koi looked strong depsite a fall on beam.

Georgia and Emma both competed but Emma only did vault and Georgia only did beam. In general the seniors did watered down routines.

Anonymous said...

Your description of Peggy's arrival at the Vic states is a bit over exaggerated. I was standing there as well, as she came in, sunglasses in hand, NOT on her face. She said "do i show this pass here?" you said "yes". she said "thank you" and went into the building. besides, no one can make you feel "lowley" unless you allow thme to. Peggy is very friendly and would have stood and had a conversation with you if you had just said something to her.

Mez said...

I'm not saying she isn't or wasn't friendly! This was my very first up-close enounter with her. I didn't expect a response to my hello!

Anonymous said...

LOL, you are funny Mez!

For a bit more fun, ask Peggy about the rock on her left hand. One of the biggest diamond rings ever. George must have been feeling generous.

Seems however she was EXTREMELY upset at the finish time last night. Apparently she wanted a 'debrief meeting' after the event to 'discuss' the last finish. She was very angry that the coaches hadn't been consulted.

Whilst I agree that competing after 10pm is unreasonable for the kids, the workorder clearly said that the event would finish at 10.30pm. Additionally, no one made the same level of fuss the previous night with the Levels kids. They just got on with the job at hand.

mistysakura said...

Anonymous 5:26: putting things up as we speak. Indeed, Shona competed a DTY.

Mez said...

From where I was sitting I could see her looking at her watch and shaking her head, and pointing at it when other coaches were around. Clearly not happy (but what coach would be?)

Many of the volunteers doing score entry have never done it before, so if that is what's causing the delay then that's sorta understandable. They have got themselves up to speed very well though, to their credit. Last night there were a few floor music errors as well so that caused a slight delay.

I don't know about events finishing at 10:30. On our sheets we've got it listed that presentations are meant to start at 10:30...?

The difficult thing for me personally is living so far away from the venue. I don't always have a means of getting home and I hate late night public transport. After tonight's late finish I have to be back at the venue for 6:30 tomorrow morning. Can you say Red Bull binge!?

mistysakura said...

My battery ran out towards the end, which really sucked because that was when everyone was doing good stuff! But I took notes anyway.

Anneliese Varga FX: Nice 2.5 twist, back full twist, good leaps, front layout front tuck (leg separation), double twist to finish.

Amber Fulljames FX: sat down double arabian, double tuck, some other pass I missed, double pike to hands. Ouch. Nice new routine though.

Amie Martin FX: Beautiful dance. Front layout front full, back layout, whip through to layout full, double twist (fall). Good form in twists.

Holly Moon FX: sky high double tuck, overrotates it and falls. Fhs front layout front layout, leg form issues. Double full. 1.5 twist to finish.

Rachel Collister FX: high double tuck with step back. Front layout ront full. Nice double pike to finish.

Isobel Looker BB: straddle press to stag handstand mount. Really pretty. Fall on flic tuck. Standing back pike! Single tuck dismount.

Amelia McGrath BB: handstand to planche to front walkover mount. Nice front aerial. Is really nervous before her flic layout, stands there for ten seconds before finally doing it. But it's nice. Korbut. Nice switch leap-back tuck. Fall on full turn. Fall on side aerial. Dodgy sheep jump. Really, really awesome switch ring. Tuck dismount. (That seems like too many skills for one routine... maybe my notes are wrong?)

mistysakura said...

Shona Morgan FX: stuck double tuck (with landing mat). 2.5 twist, front tuck (low). Triple turn. Double twist (?) Switch ring switch half. Double pike, small hop. Solid routine.

Georgia Wheeler BB: handstand forward roll mount. Front tuck. Flic-back tuck (fall). Korbut. Straddle half. Full turn. Side somi. Pike jump, split jump. tuck dismount.

Emma Collister FX: stuck roundoff double arabian! Double tuck, small step. Front layout front full (fall). Double pike.

Britt Greeley BB: jump onto beam. Front aerial-switch leap-back tuck (solid). Flic-layout (flexed feet). Side somi. Side aerial. Full turn. Wolf jump-split jump, not quite to split. 2.5 twist disomunt, great stuff.

Fiona Coley BB: jump onto beam. Switch leap-back tuck (solid). Front aerial-layout-layout (solid). Side somi (wobble). Wolf jump-split jump. Front tuck (single) dismount. She dismounted UB with a double front though.

That's all :)

Anonymous said...

Well I was there last night and yes it did finish too late BUT... what a fantastic event!!! Alistair, Greg and their crew put on an AMAZING event!

Their were athlete's from New Zealand, NSW, QLD, Tasmania, SA and GREAT to see all the gymsports in one place united again.
On top of all that there were 3 Olympian's competing (I include Emma D because she was the reserve and... let's face it, it was a travisty that she was not selected on the team proper!)
Lots of the men's junior and senior National Team members - actually lot of boys in general, I was surprised at the numbers in the men's senior devision and they were doing some pretty big skills.
It is a shame we don't have those numbers in the senior women's division (I could only count 6 i think -Georgia,Britt, Emma Dennis, Fiona Coley, Amber and ShoMo - and a few of them only 1-2 apparatus, but still great to have such big names at one event - GO VICTORIA!

Well Done - insert big smiley face here!

Anonymous said...

Apart from a minor few gliches i thought the event has run well up unitl now - it is huge logistically to oganise an event like that and it is building up nicely - if they continue down this path it will continue to build.
A couple of points - Amelia McGrath does hold her slef before her back acro series on beam for a long tome and then seems to do just fine with it so i would say it is just alot of nerves that she needs to get over.
I notced that the Colister girls don't do a round off back flip before their back doubles on floor - is that an advantage or disadvantage - does anyone know?
Tierra's beam is still shaky - hope she can reign in those long legs and make it work. The colister girls also don't have their back acro on beam - they will have to have that in there to make Nationals. Britt did a beautiful Vault. Shona was pretty solid as usually and big kudos to Georgia on her beam after just coming back from Injury.
It's hard cause you want to watch everyone but that's not so easy.
Alex Eade did a lovely beam and floor at Int 10 level, she is much younger so still has plenty of time for improvement but one to watch.
BTW i have spoken to Peggy on occasion and she is very nice, sorry Mez but i am not sure if your perceptions are 100% accurate and if they help the public perception of her.

nade00 said...

Yeh I had a great night too. The finish was way too late, given it went for more than 4 hours. I think docking the sports aerobics would have sped things up a bit, though obviously they couldn't just do it on the night.

Were you on the floor Mez?
I looked out for you but couldn't spot you!

I took pics so I will upload them when I can but it probably won't be for a couple of days.

I loved Amber's new floor routine. Just gorgeous and a bit more mature. Shame she had a rough night. She will need to do better on Monday because I don't think she reached the qualification score for nationals. She scored in the 10s on beam and floor.

For me the highlights on floor were Amaya King Koi, Amber, Isobel Looker, Amelia McGrath, Laura Hingston...all gorgeous.

Amelia McGrath has amazing polish on beam and a beautifully balanced routine. I was impressed with all the MLC girls actually; lovely form, polish, technique and an excellent blend of balances/flex moves/cool choreo with tumbling skills. Was very refreshing.

Shona looked a little sluggish I thought, and didn't compete full difficulty. Good on her for going AA though. She fell off on a 1.5 turn and Peggy proceeded to go over and ask her coaches why they took out the leg up turn. Her shap was cool.

Amber had a bizarre fall on her press handstand mount and looked dazed and confused afterwards. It was strange.

Lovely to see Georgia and Emma up and about.

Angela Donald only did bars but she has pencil-straight handstands and a full twisting double back dismount. A little problem on the transition from low to high but promising nevertheless.

Amaya King Koi looked great on beam and floor. On beam she had a fall on a very agressive aerial cartwheel-bhs connection, but it is great to see her so confident; she really goes for it and never looks timid up there.

The Collisters seem to have great leg power. They had sky high double backs which they did right out of a roundoff.

I enjoyed Tierra's performances but I hope she eventually moves away from all the Egyptian style choreo because she seems to have a lot more natural potential in the dance area. She can be a little sloppy still but seems to have a decent bars set together, she just needs to work on execution. I recall an Endo full I think and an interesting transition from high to low which was like a stalder facing the low bar straight into an overshoot. Since she's not senior until 2011 she has time for the polish.

Laura Hingston was a really beautfiul floor and beam worker. Her polish and elegance just made her stand out from some of the others.

In general the one thng that was disappointing was the low level of execution. While there was no ugly gymnastics being performed, it was a fall fest all around. I cant recall any routines without a fall besides Georgia and Britt, it was that bad.

Britt looked OK. I missed her bars, but she did a fabulous job on beam looking elegant and controlling everything. On floor she didn't tumble the hardest stuff but I enjoyed her presentation. Her Y1.5 was considerably bent-legged.

Ruth Neeves from SA has gorgeous presentation and beautiful toe-poiunt. She took a rough tumble from beam and neasrly burst into tears but pulled herself together.

Anonymous said...

Build, build, build, I hope Australian Gymnastics can continue to grow and build every year until 2012. We don't often get it right at the right time and I'm hoping this quad we can do it better, things look good. Love having the Olympians still around.

Anonymous said...

Amelia hit her leg up full turn in competition. It was beautiful. She fell in warm up though. And you have the right amount of skills, she does do quite a lot! Angela's bars was beautiful and I also think that Annaliese? from grips is senior also. I think.
Britt had a beautiful beam and a very nice save on bars!

Anonymous said...

Thankyou thankyou MistySakura for uploading all those videos.