Monday, June 1, 2009

Late Breaking News

I hate the way eight hour work shifts completely throw off my blogging priorities! How rude!

Yes, the Japan Cup WAG team (July) has been named.

Shona Morgan, Lauren Mitchell, Britt Greeley and BAMBI!

I really like this team. I really do. Except I, too, would've liked to see Georgia Bonora have a crack at it also. But you can't have everything I suppose. Any of these four girls (notably the first two) could head to Worlds this year, this will be vital competition experience.

International Gymnast expands a little on Dasha Joura's injury update (correction: they're expanding on GA's latest piece). She will take on a 'team management' role alongside the WA team at nationals this year. This little beacon of hope crops up so I don't think all is lost:

“Looking on the calendar…the Pacific Rim Championships in April next year… I suppose I can put a red flag on there and see how I go and see if I can prepare for that one.”

So... who wants to sign my cast?


Anonymous said...

YAY April for Pac Rim! Maybe I can go to melbourne on my way to America for camp! Might come visit you Mez!

Anonymous said...

I'm really not surprised at the Japan Cup lineup. Sadly, I predict that these four will be the only seniors at Nationals. Take a look at the National Squad as shown on GA's website...
Georgia B. - not yet full strength from surgery
Ashleigh B. - retired
Emma D. - recovering from injury and unloved by GA
Amber (Bambi) going ok
Britt - yet to prove herself
Mel - retired (come on, she's in the U.S.)
Daria - long term injured and struggling to get motivated
Lauren M. - going well
Shona M. - going well
Olivia M. - Sorry, but didn't Olivia retire from Australian gymnastics when she moved to the States? It would be noce to see her compete in her home town but I doubt it.

So there it is. This will be the worst showing at an Aussie Nationals in living memory. No, really GA, how ARE we going in the elite stream?

I'm so sad!

Anonymous said...

On the bright side; Heaps of 2015 talent. I'll be watching the IDP 6 & 8's and I guess the 10's.

Anonymous said...

I thought Mel was joining Oregon after this year's world championships. I am not sure about Dasha's lack of motivation, it seems like she wants to try to continue.

Anonymous said...

Umm sorry I mean 2016. Not lack of motivation just a lack of urgency from Dasha in my opinion. If she chooses to continue it is next year not this which will be important for her to be fit.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't get too excited about the 2016 talent. If I recall correctly we had plenty of talented girls for 2008 and 2012. Where are they now?
I do agree though, after going through the national squad list, we be in some trouble. And if it is true about the ages for Comm Games, we certainly pray that what we have left stays in it for another 18 months ATLEAST!!!

Anonymous said...

There are still plenty of girls around for 2012 - what you see in competition at these younger levels and even up to Junior is not a true indication of the skill level of these girls - there are many reasons why gymnasts do skills in competition at Junior and Int 10 that are not as of a high level as that which they are training in the gym. for these girls the focus is usually to concentrate on contunuing to upgrade and learn but to have those skills ready for when they are Senior not at Inter 10 level.

Anonymous said...

Well, that may or may not be true - you are entitled to you're opinion BUT the point being made was regarding Comm Games.

I believe even more dire than that is who we will have for our 2010 Worlds Team, which IS qualification for 2011 and 2012 (if I understand correctly?)

If we have anymore retirements or injuries we may not even have a team qualify to go to 2012 at all!

We simply don't seem to have enough depth and I cant see any stars on the horizon. (Sorry Brit and Emily, but you ain't no Dasha or Lauren!)

So........let us pray.
(Well it can't hurt!!!)

Anonymous said...

Not every gymnast that has come through as a leading senior gymnasts were at the top of their levels through out their sub junior years - i doubt wether Lauren won everything every year as a junior or sub junior but more continued to build her skill level up to her senior years.

Anonymous said...

You make a good point anon 12:54Actually Lauren came 7th in Junior Intenational AA in 2005. She also only finished 7th on the Balance Beam that year. Two years later she was fifth at worlds in that Event.

Anonymous said...

I do think that Australia's Comm Games hopes in 2010 rest with the current seniors. The women's qulaification at worlds starts eleven days after artistic finished at CWG so if some of the girls are fit and healthy then they may back up, it happended at Pac Rim in 2006.

Anonymous said...

They are going to lose all their 2016 'talent' if they keep the qualifying standards so high that only 3 of 21 IDP 6 girls at trials make nationals.

There is too much poison in the system. Wasteful AIS program, lack of NSW HPC, QAS program about to be shut down, lack of support for club athletes. They need to take a look at where their funds are going.

For one thing, national team members need financial support so they don't feel it is costing them to continue gymnastics. USAG recently gave Shayla Worley like $4000 a month for training costs, whereas our girls are lucky to get $1000 a year, if that.
I know they're not made of money but there needs to be rewards and incentives for those girls to keep going at the top level.

There really is no excuse for the lack of NSW elites - they should have had an established, top quality program there long ago, given the huge pool of athletes and the abundance of high quality clubs and facilities.

And why oh why can nobody do bars all of a sudden? Britt Greeley had a 3.4 SV at trials, Emily Little had a 3.9. They had execution scores in the 6s. And these are our best hopes for the future?

Half our elites can't swing a bars routine without a stop or a fall, and those who can 'make it', do so with poor body tension, bent arms, dead hangs, flexed feet. It is just absolutely dismal. You should have seen the Int 10s at NSW states. Honestly, there are no words.

Anonymous said...

I believe that Brit was trialling a new HB to LB for her so that might be where she came unstuck if she is still perfecting it - don't forget that the code has also changed so the start values have also come down

Anonymous said...

Bars has beome a lot harder for the girls because of the new requirements, they are all trying their best to get the skills in!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like the Grim Reaper is coming!

RIP Australian Gymnastics

Mez said...

"I wouldn't get too excited about the 2016 talent."

"This will be the worst showing at an Aussie Nationals in living memory. "

"There is too much poison in the system."

"Sounds to me like the Grim Reaper is coming!"

I agree with free specch but I'll admit I really don't like that excessively negative mentality and I'm sure a lot of the gymnasts (and their parents) who visit here - they do, I've met them - wouldn't like to read about it either. Folks, if it's going to keep up like that and you absolutely must voice it, then PLEASE do so at the private message boards and keep it off my comments pages. Thanks kindly.

It shows that this/these Anon/s aren't willing to have a little faith. Sounding a death knell on the national program is NOT appropriate OR necessary here.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to the comment above but i don't agree at all - this is a transition period where 2012 girls will be concentrating on updating skills and you won't see them come to the table so to speak until much further down the track. it is not unusual and happens all the time - you are looking at gymnastics at a point in time and in six months that will change again and skills that are just being put into routines will become more confident. Stop being so doom and gloom and have some confidence in these girls - alot can happen in just weeks of training

Anonymous said...

There does seem to be too much negativity around. Australia had their best team result at an olympics last year and now people think gymnastics has a poor future. The girls born 1990 were considered to be one of the best groups when they turned senior. But they were mainly referring to Dasha, Chloe and Hollie. Yet is was Georgia and Shona, also born 1990 who competed in the olympic AA final, not much was mentioned about them as juniors. Dasha was the only olympian from last year who competed at an ayof, so gymnasts can improve a lot and come out of nowhere.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame that some of the comments are so judgemental. These are young girls that work incredibly hard to achieve their dreams. Sadly for some their dreams do not come to fruition whether it be due to injury or circumstances beyond their control. The key is to stay as injury free as possible at the times when it matters. The gymnasts that succeeded last year were gymnasts that were able to control any injuries they might have had. They would have been able to train fully in the lead up to competition which is so important. That is just not possible for all gymnasts.