Sunday, June 7, 2009

Vics Day 3

Worked my tail off when I got in this morning, preparing press releases. It's difficult, though, to report on an event when you don't have the final results sheet available so there are some gaps here and there. They will be worked on as the day goes on, please don't think I'm sitting back with my feet up the whole time. I look it, I'll admit, as I do sit and take notes in the stands; but I also help on the front desk and in keeping the volunteer space locked up. All the volunteers are lovely. Truth be told, there is little I am qualified to do down on the floor, e.g. moving equipment or doing scoring. I did, however, have to dash across yesterday, laptop bag banging my hip, to get something to the announcer's table at short notice. As much a sudden inconvenience for me as it was for Frogman. Sorry, mate. And audience. I know I'm not much to look at.

Last night was totally ace, I love seeing the elites up close. There are some littlies performing today, just adorable. The boys are tiny, barely higher than the standard pommel horse.

Britt and Zoe are here to watch today, I passed them looking at the leotard racks.

In my video of Amber's floor, I comment that it was very So You Think You Can Dance-ish, it's a hip-hop piece a la Britt's new floor, with some sassy choreography. If she gets the double arabian down she'll be on to a winner.

I noticed a girl last night (Junior or Inter 10) using floor music by one of my favourite bands. It was Fourplay string quartet's cover of Metallica's 'Enter Sandman'. It really does make for good floor music, contrary to appearances!

I can't add much that Misty didn't already say or film! Just extraneous stuff, really.

*VWHPC have a nice new tracksuit. Tight stretchy black and white material.
*Some of the WAGs made light (nice!) cracks about the sport aerobics performers, about how so much smiling and appearing happy for the full two minutes must hurt quite a bit.
* One of the Grips girls did her bars routine with gymsocks on.
* Peggy was wearing the new blue and white national tracksuit top. It looks pretty good!
*Did you know... Emma Dennis and Georgia Bonora share a favourite colour in green?
* It's a shame the MAGs didn't appear so confident yesterday. There is A LOT of buzz around VWHPC's A.J. Thanas.


Anonymous said...

Have any of the State titles been decided yet? Are any seniors doing AA except for Shona?

mistysakura said...

The girl with Metallica was Madeline Green from Jets. Metallica is one of my favourite bands, so I got really excited and taped the routine -- but had to overwrite it to make room for Amaya's beam. I thought Fourplay's cover was terrible, though -- totally killed the dynamics of the song.

Not going today, am hitting the books for tomorrow's exam. have fun, everyone!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget it's Emma Dennis' 17th birthday tomorrow : )

nade00 said...

A pic of Laura Hingston:

Mez said...

No wonder I didn't see you, Misty! I haven't checked the blog in a day, hence me stupidly texting you thinking you could do me a special favour before rocking up at the venue.

My bad.

Today was Samantha Bognar's (HPC) birthday AND Hannah Johnston's (BTYC) birthday!