Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Phantastic Photos

Some great Vics photos can be viewed here.

Everybody give Nade a pat on the back!

"I love my club thiiiiiiiiiis much!"

She officially gets 100 coolness points in my book.

"Aaaaaand it says you're cleared of swine flu. Carry on, dear."

"Pssst! Fi... I forgot the words to the national anthem!"
"That's ok, Britt... so have half the people in the stands."

"Um... didn't you read the dress code on the invitation?"


mistysakura said...

I like this one the best:

Great job on all of them, though! It always seems so bright in the arena, but it's never enough for photos...

Step It Up: said...

At first I thought the MLC leos were unusual and wondered if they would look any good but after viewing those wonderful photos I really like them. They stand out with all the blue matting/equipment and actually make everything seem I dunno... brighter/happier, I can't find the exact word I am looking for but anyways good on MLC for having a leo that is so unique!!

Anonymous said...

WOW Britt actually does look like a senior now!

Anonymous said...

guys - check out the gymblog. there is an article on the best floor routines done to music from riverdance and they forgot lisa moro.

Nic said...

I really like the desighn of the MLC leo's but I hate the colour combination !!!!!!!
the pink and green and blue are just too much
I liked the other version of that leo that they were wearing on the 2nd night.