Saturday, June 27, 2009

QLD States

Little tidbits from Queensland source -

Brittany Boffo won IDP 8, scoring 16.40 on what I'm told was a gorgeous beam routine (A-score 8.2, B-score 8.2).

P-Liddy was in attendance, watching the IDP 5,6,8 girls, National 8 girls, and helping with medal presentations.

I can't seem to find results or work orders anywhere (at GQ or GA websites).


Anonymous said...

she must of had a lot of bonuses seeings as the basic D start score is a 6

Anonymous said...

IIRC she did two saults (back tuck and layout stepout) and a side aerial.

Anonymous said...

everybody does a back tuck sault in IDP 8. It comes after the change-leg split leap.
And she must have done more than a layout stepout and an aerial cartwheel because those two aren't enough to equal a D score of 8.2

Anonymous said...

How did the level 7's and 8's go?