Sunday, June 28, 2009

QLD States 2

Thanks to my ever-observant Queensland sources (is it it sunshiney where you are? No, don't answer that. I already know... *shiver and sigh*) who sent me the following info from the Queensland state championships.

The international portion of the Queensland State Championships, which are currently being held at the Sleeman Centre in Chandler, suffered a sadly depleted field, with only three gymnasts competing in the Senior and Junior International divisions. MBC's Larrissa Miller was crowned senior champion by default, being the only competitor in her category (no sign of Amber Fulljames et al). Miller is a beautiful gymnast, but she didn't have the greatest of nights, suffering a fall on bars (her strongest event) and several falls on beam and floor. It is to be hoped she will fare better at the National Championships in Perth and at the Japanese competition she is scheduled to attend.

The Junior International division was won by QAS representative Bridget Beattie, the only one in her category to compete on all four events. Like Miller, Beattie was far from faultless, but she did quite well on beam and floor and avoided large mistakes on bars, although her handstands need some work on the latter apparatus. Teammate Amaya King-Koi, the only other competitor in the Junior International category, did not compete all events. She did pretty well on beam, showing off several difficult skills, but suffered a nasty fall on bars on a rough-looking Jaeger.

MBC's Shar-lee Clark and Georgia-Rose Brown had to sit out the Junior International competition, presumably due to injuries. Rumour has it Clark will miss Nationals too - again.

There was no IDP 10 competition, and only two gymnasts took part in the IDP 8 competition, both from QAS. In the end, Brittany Boffo edged out Tianye Boorman for the AA gold. Both girls displayed good strength, flexibility, skills and confidence on all apparatus. Their leaps and turns need a little work, but other than that they're very promising.

Several other promising girls from the junior IDP ranks had to watch the action from the sidelines, including QAS' Brittany George (who reportedly had elbow surgery a while ago) and MBC's Georgia Godwin and Brianna Wong.

Chloe Sims competed in the Level 10 competition, but did only two events - bars and beam. She suffered falls on both events and failed to medal.


* Emma Longmuir won (National) Level 10.
* Alyce Arrowsmith was spotted judging lower level girls
* MBC's Courtney Haley won Level 9, and was also named QLD Levels gymnast of the year.
* Sam Simpson won QLD International MAG of the Year
* AMBER WON QLD INTERNATIONAL WAG OF THE YEAR! Big love from the Team (B)ambi Queensland Delegation.


Anonymous said...

I wonder why Bridget Beattie didn't try and qualify for nationals....very odd. Seems she is healthy enough after all, I assumed she was injured.

Anonymous said...

Was sitting across from Monette Russo last night at the Level 9/10 session - too bad people don't recognise who she is and the success she had in 2005 - all these young kids don't know who she is!!!

As for Chloe Sims - walking around in a leotard and multi coloured shoes isn't the best look!!! Nor is laughing after you've fallen off bars!!! wonder if she can survive the training camp this week before Nationals!!!

Anonymous said...

Has Amber qualified for Nationals yet?
From the results on the GV website she only did 3 events in Vic and if she didn't compete at Qld States when did she do it? Anyone know if there been another qualifier?

Froggy said...

Pleased to hear Emma Longmuir is still competing well. Great gymnast!


SadSac said...

Don't be too hard on Chloe, she owes no one. I say good on her for still competing and not taking it all too seriously. After all, she has been there and done that in the biggest possible way.

Given that she is still training and competing (non-elite) it seems clear to me that she still loves the sport and if circumstances were different would still be representing Australia. Yet another prime example of a great talent mismanaged by GA out of elite.

If she is going to Nationals (which I doubt) then I hope she wears those multi coloured shoes and if she wants to, a fake moustache and a plastic cigar! I'd love to see her blow fake smoke in Peggy's face

Go Chloe, you're still a legend!

Anonymous said...

Hey SadSac ... I can't accept your post, well the line about Chloe being 'mismanaged out og elite by GA'. Chloe mismanaged herself out of the sport by being manipulative and deliberatley destructive of the team unity, and she was disrepectful to her coaches, team-mates and the sport. She has no-obe to blame but Chloe Sims.

Rubysed said...

Congrats to Emma Longmuir! We miss her heaps. Is she coming over to the WA Nats this week?